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Hebei Tengfei & Soar Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.(Taiwan, ROC.)
Product: Price For importers in the US, UK, EU and other countries with strong currencies Chinese prices are competitively low. Quality The Chiness Government regulatory bodies place strict...,Hebei Tengfei Wire Mesh Has Been Established For Nearly 25 Years And Is One Of The Country's Leadingmanufacturers Of Woven Wire, Welded Mesh, Expanded Metal And Hexagonal Gabions. Hebei Tengfei Is An ISO 9001 Certified Company With PRODUCTION CAPACITY Of 1880 MT Peryear. Hebei Tengfei Today Exports Its High Quality Products To A Very Vast Clientele In Over 20 Countries Of The World. Hebei Tengfei Wire Mesh Under The Dynamic Leader Ship Of Mr.Ji’An Wang, The Man Who’S Unparalleled...
Jinju Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd(China)
Product: We are specialized metal injection molding product. Tungsten fishing weight is one of our main product. Afterward process such as soldering, galvanic coating(gold, silver, copper, nickel, black...,Hard Alloy Nozzle (For Petroleum Artesian Well), Hard Alloy Spray Nozzle(For Airplane), Tungsten Alloy Watch Pendulum(Watch), Tungsten Alloy Bomb Core(Ordnance), Tungsten Alloy Fish Pendant, Stainless Steel Watchcase(Watch), Stainless Steel Gear, Stainless Steel Accessory, Iron-Base Alloy Balance Weight, Iron-Base Alloy Feeding Wheel, Iron-Base Alloy Detent, Chain Wheel, Hard Alloy Nozzle Core(Chemical Fibre Spinning Equipment)Made By Metal Injection Molding
Chaga Trade Ltd(Russian Federation)
Product: Angara Forest Ltd is also producing healthy packaging (caskets, boxes, mugs) made of beresta (bark of a birch tree). Significant is the fact, that chaga put into beresta boxes considerably enhances...,Dear Sirs, Herewith We Would Like To Present Absolutely Remarkable Product - Siberian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) Or As It Is Sometimes Called - Birch Mushroom, Which Is Famous For Its Anticancer Properties Around The World. Our Company Is Involved In Export Trade Of This Incredible Mushroom To Many Countries. As You May Know, Chaga Mushroom With Sufficient Anticancerous Properties Grows ONLY In The North Of Irkutsk Region Of Russian Federation And Only Our Company, Called Angara..., Russian Federation
Jvr Fine Chemie Pvt Ltd(India)
Product: JVR Fine chemie founded in 1995 is privately owned and independent of any group. The company has grown steadily during the preceding years. Our main field of activity is in the design process on...,Pyridine 3-Chloro-2-Hydroxy-5-Nitropyridine 2-Hydroxy-5-Nitropyridine 2,3-Dichloro-5-Nitro Pyridine 2,3-Dichloro-5-Aminopyridine 5-Acetyloxy-2,3-Dichloropyridine 2,3-Dichloro-5-Hydroxypyridine 3-Amino-6-Fluoropyridine 2-Fluoro-5-Hydroxy Pyridine 3-Fluoro-5-Hydroxypyridine 3-Bromo-5-Hydroxypyridine 2-Chloro-3-Methyl-5-Hydroxy Pyridine 2-Amino-3-Bromo-5-Hydroxy Pyridine 2-Fluoro-3-Methyl-5-Nitro Pyridine 2-Chloro-3-Methyl-5-Nitro Pyridine 3-Amino-6-Fluoro-5-Methylpyridine..., India
Rimmer Industries(Regd)(Pakistan)
Product: We would like to exploit the nice opportunity to introduce ourselves as under. We Rimmer Inds are Manufacturing high quality Boxing & Martial Art Equipments like karate uniforms, taekwondo...,Karate Uniforms, Taekwondo Uniform, Kung Fu Uniform, Judo Uniform, Color Belts In Cotton/Satin, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Mitts, Karate Mitts, Shin Guards, Coaching Pads, Punching Bags, Sepeed Balls, Boxing Shorts, Kick Boxing Trousers, Skipping Ropes, Mouth Guards, Hand Wrap, Kungfu Gloves, Head Guards, Chest Guards , Pakistan
Zhengya Exhibition Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: The 5th International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Optical Film (Shanghai)Expo & The 5th International Die-cutting Materials and Processing Equipment (Shanghai) Expo the global organizer...,Adhesive Tape,Protective Film,Optical Film,Manufacturing Equipment And Instruments,Raw Material And Chemical Products,Clean Room, Polarizing Film, Reflecting Film, Diffusion Film, Prism Film, Brightness Enhancement Film, ITO, Conducting Film, Compensation Film, Optical Protective Film, PET/PE Film(Optical), Release Liner/Paper And Other Optical Film ,Foam, China
Tek-Group( Teknik-El, Tek-Profil Boru, Tek-Galvaniz)(Turkey)
Product: Teknik-El has been one of the leading manufacturers serving the construction industry since 1985. When it comes to scaffolding, shoring, forming and related products, Teknik El proudly...,Its Wide Range Of Products Which Complies With The International Quality Standarts Includes: Scaffolding Systems,Formwork Systems (Modular, Heavy Duty, Tunnel And Special Type) And Slab Formworks,Precast Moulds,Steel Tubes And Profiles, Advertisement And Lighting Poles, Steel Door Frames, Highway Barriers Hot Dip Galvanizing And Galvanized Products , Turkey
Becker Helicopter Services Pty Ltd.(Australia)
Product: Helicopter Flight Training School based in Queensland Australia. Operating a Bell 47, Robinson R22, and Hughs H500. English courses available and accommodation, , Australia
Product: XIAN MEDICINE & HEALTH PRODUCT COMPANY is a professional company, main engaged in manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical, fine chemical, intermediate, cosmetic ingredient....,Allantoin 99%/EP6 ,Benzophenone-1,Benzophenone-3,Benzophenone-4,Beta Arbutin &Amp; Alpha Arbutin,Chitosan ,Climbazole,D-Glucosamine Sulfate 2NACL &Amp; 2KCL,Diatrizoic Acid &Amp; Meglumine,Diazolidinyl Urea,Forchlorfenuron (CPPU; Forchlorfenuron; KT-30) &Amp; Zeatin Plant Growth Regulators ,Hair Dye Intermediate ,Idebenone ,Imidazolidinyl Urea USP32,Inositol NF12,Kojic Acid &Amp; Kojic Acid Dipalmitate,Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP),Mandelic Acid,Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Ethyl..., China
Great Wall Mould Factory ( Www.Greatwallmould.Com )(China)
Product: Great Wall Mould Factory produce and supply the moulds and moulding products at the most competitive prices in the world! The following are available: Auto mould,auto bumper mould,auto lamp...,Mould,Mold,Auto Mould,Auto Bumper Mould,Auto Lamp Mould,Auto Grill Mould,Auto Instrument Board Mould,Home Appliances Mould,Air Conditioner Mould,Refrigerator Mould,Washing Machine Mould,Printer Mould,Commodity Mould,Communication Mould,Medical Equipment Mould,Toy Mould,Cosmetic Mould,Electronic Products,Mobile Phone,Laptop,GPS,MP3/MP4,LED,USB Memorizer/Connector,Mouse,Keyboard,Cable, China

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