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Array Electronic Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: ARRAY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD., a Taiwanese Company, founded in 1998, located in the county of YUHUATAI ZONE, NANJING,CHINA, occupies about 38,000 square meters of manufacturing,research and...,UHF Wireless Tour Guide System 1. UHF 700-960MHZ Professional Channels 2. PLL Synthesized Design 3. Using Distance Without Interfering Is 50 Meters 4. SMT Technology To Ensure Quality 5. Digital Pilotone &Amp; Noise Cancel Technology UHF 32 Channel Wireless Amplifier 1. LCD Display 2. 32 Channels To Change 3. Switch Display Between Channel And Frequency 4. SMT Technology To Ensure Quality 5. Automatically Power Off Under Low Voltage
Zhengya Exhibition Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: The 5th International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Optical Film (Shanghai)Expo & The 5th International Die-cutting Materials and Processing Equipment (Shanghai) Expo the global organizer...,Adhesive Tape,Protective Film,Optical Film,Manufacturing Equipment And Instruments,Raw Material And Chemical Products,Clean Room, Polarizing Film, Reflecting Film, Diffusion Film, Prism Film, Brightness Enhancement Film, ITO, Conducting Film, Compensation Film, Optical Protective Film, PET/PE Film(Optical), Release Liner/Paper And Other Optical Film ,Foam
Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co. Ltd (China)
Product: Established in January 1987,we are a Shenzhen based Sino-American joint venture that manufactures LCD products.Our major products are standard and customized LCD panels and LCD modules in many...,LCD Panels And LCD Modules In Many, Configurations TN, STN, FSTN, COB, COG, TAB, CSTN, And TFT LCD Modules Customized Alphanumeric LCD Modules-Dot-Matrix LCD Moduless-Graphics LCD Modules-TFT LCD Modules Different Structure LCM: COG, TAB, COB, SMT, Heat Seal, Maximum Driving Duty 1/240, And Minimum Dot Gap 20μM Different LED, EL, CCFL Matched With LCD&LCM As Well As Standard Or Custom Design Touch Panel (Digital/Stimulant) , China
Product: HK DAZELONG electronic CO.,LTD are engaging in tantalum capacitors, military capacitors, capacitors, diode&transistor, high frequency transistor and IC(STK YPPD 4921QP 6871Q IGBT HYB CAN SPI IPM...,KIA78L05F KIA78L06F KIA78L07F KIA78L08F KIA78L09F KIA78L10F KIA78L12F KIA78L13F KIA78L15F KIA78L18F KIA78L20F KIA78L24F HBCS-1100 HBCC-1200 HEDS-1500 HEDS-1570 HEDS-1580 QEDS-1580 QEDS-1397 QEDS-1099 SN755866 LM18200DT MUR1620CTR MUR1620CT YPPD-J001A YPPD-J002A YPPD-J004B YPPD-J006A YPPD-J006C YPPD-J006A YPPD-J007A YPPD-J007C YPPD-J007A YPPD-J009A YPPD-J009A-F YPPD-J009C YPPD-J009C-F YPPD-J010A YPPD-J010A-F YPPD-J010C YPPD-J011A YPPD-J011C..., China
Product: Nantong Haixun Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 with the registered capital of 25 milion RMB. Now it is a leading enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing elevator...,1.Railway Fittings: Rail Pads Spikes Insulators Rail Baffles Rail Clips Elastic Clips, Dog Spikes, Rubber Washers, Nuts, Bolts 2.Elevator Products Rubber Line And Mold Plastic For Elevator Balance Compensation Chains Wedge Rope Sokets Indicators Metal And Nonmetal Compensation Lines Guide Mechanism Chains Buttons 3.Grinding Fluid FA/O Grinding Fluid FA/O Silicon Single Chips Cutting Detergent FA/O Highly Pure And Functional Nonionic Surfactant FA/O LCD Screen Detergent FA/O..., China
Product: "Tel: 0086-134-5799-7972 Email: We are professional exporter for foto finish, foto finishing, fuji film, Copal, dips,Konica, c carrier,...,Epson Driver,Driver Epson,Epson Drivers,Photolab,Photo Lab,Changing Bag,Mini Lab,Foto Lab,Noritsu,Minilab,Fotolab,Film Processing,Film Developing,Lcd Driver,Developing Film,Photo Processing,Photo Developing,Kodak Express,Photo Labs,Epson LCD,Digital Labs,Laboratorio Fotografico,Lcd Drivers,Noritsu Qss,Minilabs,Mini Labs,Minilabs Digitales,Minilab Digital,Digital Minilab,Digital Carrier,Carrier Digital,D-Carrier,Analog Lab,D Carrier,Noritsu Minilab,Minilab Noritsu,Photo..., China
Goeasily Int'l Co., Limited(China)
Product: GoEasily Int'l Co., Ltd, one of the most important suppliers in ShenZhen China was established in 2002, always offer a wide range products with competitive price and best service! We have our own...,Digital Mini mp3 Player (Flash) Mini mp4 Player (Flash) Hdd mp3 Player Hdd mp4 Player Hdd Player Box Encrypt U Disk Computer Accessory Mini Wireless Optical Mouse 5d Wireless Optical Mouse 8d Wireless Optical Mouse 10d Wireless Optical Mouse Multimedia Keyboard Lcd Displyay Video Game Accessory ps2 Xbox Pgp, China
CNCmakers Limited(China)
Product: CNCmakers Limited - Professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC controller systems, AC servo motor & driver units, AC servo spindle asynchronous motor & driver units, step motor & drivers, tool...,CNC Controllers, Cnc Systems, Ac Servo Motors, Ac Servo Drivers, Ac Spindle Motors, Ac Spindle Drivers, Amplifiers, Tool Posts, Turrets, Cnc Lathes, Cnc Milling Machines, Machining Centers, Slant Bed Lathes, gsk980tdb, gsk928teii, gsk988t, gsk980mda, gsk928ma, gsk218m, gsk983m, gsk983ma, da98a, da98b, da98d, dat2030c, dat2050c, dat2075c, dap01,dap03,day3100, day3025, Sjt Motor, zjy265, zjy208, 80sjt, 110sjt, 130sjt, 175sjt, ldb4, ld4b, jld6, wd6, 6025, 6125,6130, 6132, 6136, 6140, 6150,..., China
SunYan Electeonic Co.Ltd(China)
Product: I produce all kind of Commodity and Electronic consumable in my company. They are Digital recorder < Recorder 60 seconds , Recorder 8 min, Recorder 16 min >, Panda Calendar, Temper fork with...,Digital Recorder, Calendar, Gift, Clock, Alarm, Promotional Gift, Temper Fork, BBQ, BBQ Fan, Fork, Electronic Consumable, BBQ, BBQ Set, BBQ Tool, Mosquito Repeller, Recorder Pen, Air Cleaner For Car,Digital Recorder, BBQ Thermometer Fork, BBQ Temperature Fork, Digital Meat Fork, Electronic Smart Mug, China
Shenzhen Rifda Lcd Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: henzhen Rifda LCD Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise,Producing LCD products for Global markets.Our products include:TN﹜STN﹜FSTN﹜CSTN and other special types of LCDdisplay as...,LCD: For 14*16 Glass 2000-2400 Sets Per Day, 600,000 Sets Per Year LCM: For COG/TAB/COF Module 4000 Pieces Per Day; 1500 Thousand Pieces Per Year Size And Pace: 1 0扯M The Thickness Of Glass Case: 10扯M The Glass Thickness : 1.1mm﹜0.7mm﹜0.55mm﹜0.4mm(0.33mm Available For Especial Demand , China

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multimeter, clamp meter, digital multimeter, analog multimeter
fetal heart rate doppler
CDMA/GSM Wireless Public Payphone
PH meter, PH electrode, PH monitor, PH stick