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Dajcor Aluminum Ltd.(Canada)
Product: Aluminum Extrusion Our design staff and skilled workforce excel in designing and manufacturing the most complex of extruded products. Dajcor extrudes primarily 6000 series alloys, 6063, 6463,...,Dajcor Aluminum Is The Leading Canadian Supplier Of Extruded, Fabricated/Machined And Anodized Components And Assemblies To The Automotive, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Building Trades, Military, Recreation, And Consumer-Product Industries. Dajcor Is An Aluminum Extrusion Company, With Complete Value Added In-House Capabilities – Your ‘One-Stop’ Extrusion Supplier!
台灣雨虹有限公司 Taiwan Rainbow Co., Ltd.(Taiwan, ROC.)
Product: 台灣雨虹有限公司是專注於生產高品質特殊線材的公司,以新進的"真空連續鑄造"技術,製造合乎客戶需求的產品,主要提供純銅、銅合金線...,高導性無氧銅線OFHC,Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper Wire; 單方向結晶(長晶粒)無氧銅線, Unidirectional Solidification (Long Crystal) Oxygen Free Copper Wire; 單方向結晶(長晶粒)純銀線,Unidirectional Solidification (Long Crystal) Pure Silver Wire; 銀銅合金線 Silver Copper Alloy Wire 銀鎳合金線 Silver Nickel Alloy Wire 銀合金線, Silver Alloy Wire; 銅銀合金線 ,Copper-Silver Alloy Wire; 銅鎳合金線 ,Copper-Nickel Alloy Wire;...
Union Sailing Metal Alloys Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: We are Union Sailing Metal Alloys Co., Ltd (called US metals) is a part of Union Sailing group, and is one of the world's leading ferro-alloys and minor metals trading companies. US Metals were...,Electrolysis Manganese Metal, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Silicon, Magnesium Metal, Ferro Phosphor, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Boron, Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Silicon Metal, Strontium Metal, Calcium Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Calcium Silicon, Aluminium Master Alloys, Aluminium Extrusion Alloys, China
Yingluo Architecture Mesh Co.(China)
Product: Yingluo Architectural Mesh is a leading Chinese architectural screen materials company with an important position in the architectural metal mesh export. Customers can choose from a wide range of...,Metal Mesh Curtains,Metal Mesh Drapery,Decorative Metal Screen,Perforated Metal Mesh For Indoor Decoration,Perforated Stainless Steel Mesh,Perforated Brass Mesh,Decorative Opening Perforated Metal Mesh,Expanded Metal Screen,Architectural Security Mesh,Anti-Slip Expanded Metal Walkway, China
Product: Indobel is a Mould Steel service center engaged in retail selling of the finest range of mould Steel from the European Union and caters to the requirements of Precision Tool room industries...,Mould Steel, Steel, Equivalents Of Steel, Product Steel, Iron Ore, Ferro Alloys, Industrial Products, Iron Products, Metal Sheets, Steel Sheets, Steel Building, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Sheets, Metal Iron, Bar And Rod, Steel Mills, Fabricator, Flat-Rolled Steel, Steel Framing. , India
SGZ Metal Material Co., Ltd.(China)
Product: SGZ Metal Material Co., Ltd. is the Chinese largest producer of Engraving/Etching zinc plate and Engraving/Etching magnesium plate, which manufactured in Guangzhou and Henan province. SGZ has...,Etching/Engraving Zinc Plate, Magnesium Plate, Copper Plate, Brass Plate, Flexographic Printing Plate, Etching Additive Oil, Positive Plate Developer, Magnesium Ingot, Magnesium Sacrificial Anode, Metamorphic Magnesium Alloy Products Leading Producer-SGZ Metal Material Co., Ltd., China
Chenzhou Southland Industrial &Trading Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Chenzhou Southland Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd is an integration of industry, tradingㄛtechnology development and service companies. At present, Chenzhou Southland handles mainly the...,Handles Mainly The Production Of Natural Amorphous Graphite And Silicon Metal, And The Trade Home And Abroad Of Flake Graphite, Synthetic Graphite, Carbon Raiser, Arsenic Metal, FeSi, FeMn, FeSiMn, FeMo, FeW, FeV, FeTi, FeP, Rare Earth Alloys, Rice Processing Machinery, Etc. , China
Southland Industrial (China) Limited(Hong Kong)
Product: Southland Industrial (China) Limited deals mainly in the trade of Graphite, Carbon Raiser, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Petroleum Coke, Metallurgical Coke, Fluorspar, Silicon Metal, Arsenic Metal,...,Southland Industrial (China) Limited Is Deals Mainly In The Trade Of Graphite, Carbon Raiser, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Petroleum Coke, Metallurgical Coke, Fluorspar, Silicon Metal, Arsenic Metal, FeSi, FeMn, FeSiMn, FeCr, FeMo, FeW, FeV, FeTi, FeP, Rare Earth Alloys And So On., Hong Kong
Sunrise Titanium Technology Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: We are engaged in developing Nitinol SMA(Titanium-Nickel Shape Memory Alloys) materials, including Round wire/Flat wire/Bar/Sheet/Springs. This kind of magic material mainly used for Aircraft...,Nitinol, SMA, NiTi Shape Memory Alloys,Dental Wire, Orthodontic Wire,Women's Bra Flat Wire, Glasses Frames, Glasses Legs, Superelastic Wire,Arch Wires,Cell Phone Antenna, Titanium Anode,DSA/MMO Titanium Anode,Titanium Powder, Titanium Hydride Powder,Nitrided Titanium Powder, China
Southland Industrial (China) Limited(Hong Kong)
Product: Southland Industrial (China) Limited is a Hong Kong based company. It deals mainly in Minerals, Metals, Ferroalloys and Machinery, e.g. Graphite, Carbon Raiser, Arsenic Metal, Silicon Metal,...,Southland Industrial (China) Limited Is A Hong Kong Based Company. It Deals Mainly In Minerals, Metals, Ferroalloys And Machinery, E.G. Graphite, Carbon Raiser, Arsenic Metal, Silicon Metal, FeSi, FeMn, FeMo, FeTi, FeV, FeW, FeP, FeSiMg, Rice Processing Machine, Etc., Hong Kong

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