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Shenzhen Saike Electronic Co., LTD(China)
Product: Shenzhen Saike EAS Factory, found in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of electronic article surveillance (EAS) equipment and is a member of China Security Products Trade Association. For years...,EAS System, EAS Detector, Anti-Shoplifting, EAS Sensors, Disposable Soft Label, Magnetic Bar, EAS Lanyard, Bottle Tag, Milk-Powder Can Tag, Pencil Tag, Optic Tag, Ink Tag, Coils, Deactivator, X-Ray Luggage Scanner, Underground Metal Detector, Handheld Metal Detector, Under Vehicle Search Mirror, Walkthrough Metal Detector.
Lxmachinery Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: LXmachinery Co.,Ltd LX brand thermoforming machines are automatic sheet-fed systems for the production of blisters and clamshell packages as well as trays, disposable containers for packaging of...,1. HSC660 Thermoformer Touch Screen And PLC Forming Area:250x580mm Forming Depth Of Draw:120mm Capacity:30cycles/Min Production:Cup Lid ,Clamshell And Tray With PP,PS PVC PET Sheet. 2.LX2220 Thermoformer Touch Screen And PLC Stacking Unit Forming Area:510x570mm Forming Depth Of Draw:120mm Capacity:25cycles/Min Production:Cup Lid ,Clamshell And Tray With BOPS,PS PVC PET Sheet.
Lighter.Org(Hong Kong)
Product: We, as the experienced lighter manufacturer since 1988 and had established a group of reliable associates at various regions as a consortium to cope with the changing needs of today lighter...,Lighter; Gas Lighter; Disposable Gas Lighter; Pocket Lighter; One-Tine Lighter; Throw Away Lighter; BBQ Lighter; Electronics Lighter; Table Lighter; Metal Lighter, Wind Proof Lighter, Promotional Lighter, Gift Lighter, Cigarette Lighter, Flint Lighter, Oil Lighter, Zippo Lighter, Plastics Lighter, Hong Kong
Hebei Ruinuo Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.(China)
Product: Hebei Ruinuo Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.,was located in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei province,which is only one hour’s ride from Beijing, the capital city of China. Our company was...,Esophagesl Stent,Biliary Stent,Tracheal Stent Medical Orthopedic Splint, Buckle Tourniquet,Disposable Touriguet Wound Care Dressings, Orthopedic Casting Tape, Polypropylene Hernia Mesh, Medical Cold Therapy Rehabilitation Devices, Accessory Venipuncture Observation Lamp, Tube Fixer, China
Ecotech Instruments(Pakistan)
Product: Ecotech Instruments was established in 1997, and now become leading Quality Instruments Manufacturing Company with experience of more then a decade. Our Products are CE - ISO 9001:2000 certified....,Surgical Instruments,Manicure Instruments,Podiatry Instruments,Dental Instruments,Medical Instruments,Student Kits,Veterinary Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Beauty Care Instruments,Custom Instruments,Hollow Ware Stainless Steel,Laboratory Instruments, Disposable Instruments , Pakistan
Zibo Jinfeng Tile Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: If you know of quality medical & veterinary disposable products then we are very interested. One product we have had problems with is "cotton wool roll 500g" again I purchased just a...,There Are Many Products We Would Like To Sell And We Are Searching Every Day To Find New Products, We Will Be Supplying Instruments, Povodine-Iodine 7.5% Soap Scrub Solution, Latex Surgical Sterile Glove, Latex Non-Sterile Examination Gloves, Surgical Operation Gowns, Face Masks, Etc, China
Ningbo Mflab Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
Product: We, Ningbo Mflab Medcial Instruments Co., Ltd, are a manufactuer who produces disposable breathcare medical devices. ,Nebulizer Mask, Oxygen Mask, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Oxygen Tubings, Anesthesia Mask, Laryngeal Mask Airways, Oral Pharyngeal Airway, Nasopharyngeal Airways, Bougies, Resuscitation Mask, Manual Resuscitators, Endotracheal Tubes, Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes, Tracheostomy Tube Etc., Taiwan
Shandong Zibo Shanchuan Medical Instrment CO.,LTD.(China)
Product: We are the biggest manufacturer for disposable medical instrument in China . And we obtained CE Certificate ,ISO9002 Certificate and for syringe sets we also obtained FDA510K approved. , This Is Mr.Jason From Shanchuan Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd , Our Disposable Medical Products:Insulin Syringe Set ,Syringe Set ,Infuion Set,Blood Transfusions,Scalp Vein Set,Hypodermic Needle, Luxury Urine Bag,Vagina Speculum And Infusion Liquid Bag, Ect... (All Size ) , China
Jiang Yin Fly Nonwoven Product CO.,Ltd(China)
Product: Our company is a key enterprise which produces nonwoven fabrics and products. We have a range of products,such as meltblown, SMS,spunbond, face mask, shoe cover, coverall, isolation gown, etc.We...,Spunbond, Meltblown, SMS, Face Mask, Coverall, Shoe Cover, Isolation Gown,Nonwoven,Fabrics, Disposable,Face,Mask,Disposable, Cap,Surgical,Gown, Shoe,Cover, Disposable,Coverall,Lab,Coat,Sleeve,Cover,Shopping,Bags, Disposable,Raincoat,Suit,Clothes,Disposable,Gloves , China
Zhuoyue Flexitank Co., Ltd.(China)
Product: Flexitank is a special, soft and tight tank with volume from 10 up to 24 thousand liters . Made from plastic material, it is an ideal product to store and transport all kind of non-hazardous...,Flexitank,Flexibag,Liquid Packing,Liquid Transport , Flexi Tank, Container Liner, Bulk Liquid, Liquid Bag, Flexible Tank, Pillow Tank, Flexi Bag, Bladder,Liners, Container Bag, Dry Bulk Liner, Plastic Woven Bag, Paper-Plastic Bag ,Color Printing Bag And Valve Bag, China

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