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Yixing Zhongrui Electronic Technical Co., Ltd(China)
Product: we manufacture supply RAILWAY TUNNEL INSULATORS FUSE CUTOUT Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Tube liner,Pultruded or filament wound synthetic resin fuse tube low medium and high voltages FUSEHOLDER...,DC Immune Current Transformers ,Current Transformers,Latching Power Relays,Magnetic Latching Relays,Manganin Shunts Beam Welded Shunt, Resistor Shunt Electrical Instruments, Washers, Fiber Washers Gaskets Strips Seals ,G10 G11 FR4 GPO3, Vulcanised Fibre Washers,Cellulose Insole,Insulation Paper TubE,Insulation Crepe Kraft Paper,Flexible Crepe Paper Tubes HDPE Automotive, Electrical Insulation Electrical Devices,Gaskets,TAPE, Fuse Tubes
Wenzhou Sundoo Instruments.,Co.Ltd(China)
Product: Wenzhou Sundoo Instruments Company is a national level high-tech enterprise, specialized in research, empolder, produce and sell testing force equipment. Established in 1998, it is a high-tech...,Analog, Digital And Diagram Push Pull Force Gauge, Tension Meter,Various Manual & Electric Test Stands, Digital Spring Tester, Universal Testing Machine,Torque Vorench,Torque Gauge, Digital Torque Meter ,Torque Tester, Shore Durometer, Rubber Thickness Gauge , Video Microscope And Video Measurement Software
Hont Electrical Trading Co,.Ltd(China)
Product: Zhejiang Hont Electrical Co., Ltd is the largest manufacaturing and exporting many different sizes and types of wire accessories and low volage electrical equipment . we are ISO9002...,Cable Gland ,Terminal Block, Nylon Cable Tie,Relay ,Circuit Breaker,Switch Boards,Hose Clamp,Wire/Cable Strap(Majic Tie), Cable Clamp,Insulateing Terminal ,Steel Cable Tie, Cable Clip,Universal Clamping Band ,Expand Nails,Heat-Shrinkable Tubings ,Spiral Wrapping Band,Relays,Circuit Breaks And Ect , China
China,Wuhan GuoDian HuaRui Power TestTechnology Co.,Ltd.(China)
Product: whose preexistence is GuoDian Wuhan High-voltage Testing Research Institute, has combined the essence of institutional reform and science & technology industry with the progress and development...,HV Power Transmitting , Transforming Equipment,Insulation Power Factor Testing Transformer,Special Transformer,DC HV Power Generator,Automatic Testing Board With The Feature Of Transformer,H.V.Transformer&Amp;Electrical Network Warning Device Around The Jails And Electrical Measuring Instrument, China
Product: all electrical switch gears-motor spares-welding generators spares-rotating units spares-slipring units-carbon brush -brush holders-terminal plates-cooling fans-for...,Slipring Units-Carbon Brush-Brush Holders-Terminal Blocks-Cooling Fans-Fan Covers-Contacts Kits-Coils-Relays-Hrc Fuse-Fuse Base-Switch Fuse Units Spares-For Siemns-Ltlk-Bch-English Electric-Kirloskar-Crompton-Ngef-Bhel-Gec-Aei-Alstom-Kilburn-Mei-Easun-Gec-Aei Ocb-Ac B Spares Contacts Etc., India
Ibest Electrical Co.Ltd(China)
Product: IBEST ELECTRICAL CO.LTD has been applied himself to industrial electrical and automation fields. The product lines involve: 1, Measuring and control instrument (temperature controller, timer,...,* Inductactive,Capacitive Proximity Sensors * Photoelectric Sensors * Temperature Controllers/Indicator * Timer Relays, Timers/Counters * Digital Panel Meter, * Voltage/Ampere Meter, * Frequency/Tacho Meter/Line Speed Meter * Power Watt Meter,Power Factor Meter * Rotary Encoders , China
People Ele.Appliances Group China(China)
Product: The Group specializes in manufacturing High- low voltage electrical appliance, complete sets of equipment, power transmission and distribution equipments, electric wire & cable and explosion- proof...,Circuit Breaker, Relay, Contactor, Drop Out Relay, Power Transformer, High-Voltage Switchgear, High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Kilowatt-Hour Meter, Switch, Regulated Power Supply, Surge Arrester, Socket, Ring Bell & Siren, Electric Wire & CableㄛConstruction Apparatus , China
Yueqing Aukeman Electric Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Yueqing Aukeman Electric CO.,LTD. is one of largest leading manufactures and specialized exporters of low voltage electrical equipment,electronic products in China. We specializes in manufacturing...,Mini Circuit Breaker,Moulded Case Circuit Breaker,Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker,AC Contactors, Relays,Controlling Switch,Distribution Board,Industrial Plug&Amp;Socket,Wiring Accessories Plastic Products, Wiring Accessories Metal Products,Cable Puller And So On. , China
Wenzhou CNOG Electrical Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Wenzhou CNOG Electrical Co.,Ltd has decades of experience in the field of climatisation of enclosures,It’s an comprehensive and specialized manufacturer who integrates with technology and...,Room Thermostat,Panel Thermostat,Compact Thermostat,Electrical Thermostat,Panel Heater,Electric Heater,Electric Panel Heater,Electric Convector Heater,Panel Convector Heater,Motorised Valve,Industrial Valve,Time Switch,Switching Power Supply,Temperature Controller, China
ILJIN Electric Co., Ltd.(South Korea)
Product: Established in 1967, ILJIN Electric has contributed to development of domestic electric industry by providing electric fittings for power transmission and distribution lines, electrical equipment...,ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Such As Pole Mounted SF6 Gas Load Break Switch, Pad Mounted SF6 Gas Load Break Switch And Automatic Load Transfer Switch(ALTS) SUBSTATION EQUIPMENT Such As 25.8kV Gas Insulated Switchgear(Hereinafter GIS), 40.5kV GIS, 72.5kV GIS, 170kV GIS, South Korea

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Wire Partitions
C17200 CuBe2 CW101C Beryllium Copper
CuBe2 UNS.C17200 CDA 172 Beryllium Copper Strip
C17300 CuBe2Pb Beryllium Copper Strip
UNS.C17300 CDA 173 CuBe2Pb Leaded Beryllium Copper