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Samjin International Company(South Korea)
Product: Samjin International Company was established since 1994. We deal on several products ranging from computers to apparels. We sell locally as well as re-export. ,Computers Gsm Mobile Phones Branded Jeans Branded Perfumes Watches Inkjet Catridges
ETOM Printer Consumables Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: ETOM Printer Consumables Co.,Ltd provide are variety of OEM compatible printer consumables of computer in China of Zhejiang,including inkjet catridges,inkjet refills,ribbons,toner cartridges,...,Ink Cartridge, Consumables, Hp, Toner, Epson
Seh Meditech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.(Malaysia)
Product: Extensive experience in software developments of General labs which include Biochemistry as one of the components that make up the General Lab. Experience include with Cerner Applications and...,Disposables, Medical Disposables, Syringes, Lab Containers, Woven, Unwoven Test Tube, Test Tubes, Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Mask, Masks, LIS, PIS, Catridges, Cuvettes, Chemical, Chemical Reagents, Pipiette, Plastic Pipettes, Plastic Bulb Pipette Disposable, Disposable Pipette, Pasteur Pipette, Disposable Pasteur Pipette, Plastic Container, Disposable Plastic Container, Plastic Beaker, Urine Test Tube, Disposable Urine Tube, Gauze, Sterile Gauze, Reagents, Stains, Gram Stain, Ziehl-Nelson..., Malaysia

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