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Shaoxing Gangfeng Hospital Products Co.,Ltd.(China)
Product: shaoxing gangfeng hospital products co.,ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter of surgical dressings,we have got the certificate of ISO and CE. our main products:absorbent gauze roll,gauze bandage,...,Our Main Products:Absorbent Gauze Roll,Gauze Bandage, Abdominal Sponge, Gauze Swab, Gauze Ball, Crepe Bandage, Plaster Of Paris Bandage (P.O.P) Gauze Bandage, (W.O.W), Sterile First Aid Bandage, Self-Adhesive Bandage, Hydrophile Plaster, Surgical Tape, Cotton Wool,Non-Woven Products, Etc.
Merlin Disposable Medical Supply Ltd(China)
Product: Asia General Medical Devices Supply Ltd (merlin disposable medical supply ltd) was founded in 2004 and established its exporting department in 2007. It is a manufacturer firm engaged in trading...,Evacuated Blood Collection Tube, Disposable Syringe, Hypodermic Needles. Cannula, Test Tube,Gloves, Mask, Bandage, Iv Cannula. Gauze Roll, Bandage, Face Mask, Gloves
Kingphar Medical Material Co,,Ltd(China)
Product: We are a group enterprise engaged in weaving, bleaching, medical supplies production etc. We have the right to import and export by ourselves. ,Gauze, Bandage, Nonwoven Swabs, Post-Op Sponges, Absorbent Cotton Wool, Laparotomy Sponges, Sterile Package , China
Dynarex Medical(Canada)
Product: plastic strips sterile 100bx, gauze pads 8 ply 12 ply 16 ply sterile and non sterile, gauze roll all sizes sterile and non sterile, disposable non woven gown. ,Plastic Strips, Bandage, Gauze Pad, Gauze Roll, Elastic Bandage, Alcohol Prep, Shoe Cover, Gowns, Canada
Qingdao Shunyunpeng Industrial &Trading Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Qingdao shunyunpeng industrial &trading Co.,Ltd. was established in 1992 and covers 18000m2 with 8000m2 construction area. The company specializes in product of various polypropylene nonwoven...,PP Nonwoven Fabric, Polyester Nonwoven Fabric, Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric, China
Product: Changqing Medical is a chinese manufacture and supplier of top quality OEM medical products and healthcare products since 2003 years. Special on the line of Medical dressing , Bandage , First aid...,Cast And Splint,Medical Bandage,Surgical Medical Gauze, China
Product: Ningbo wellmedlab co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier for medical&Lab products in China. Our main products are respiration products, urology products, medical tube and gauze dressing...,Medical Respirators, Urinary Bag, Medical Grade Tube, China
Shanghai ZOGEAR Industries Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Shanghai ZOGEAR Industries Co.,Ltd., established in 2011 is a professional supplier of dental products who is engaged in developing, manufacturing and trading various dental products such as dental...,Dental Cotton Rolls,Micro Applicator,Medical Face Mask, China
Seh Meditech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.(Malaysia)
Product: Extensive experience in software developments of General labs which include Biochemistry as one of the components that make up the General Lab. Experience include with Cerner Applications and...,Disposables, Medical Disposables, Syringes, Lab Containers, Woven, Unwoven Test Tube, Test Tubes, Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Mask, Masks, LIS, PIS, Catridges, Cuvettes, Chemical, Chemical Reagents, Pipiette, Plastic Pipettes, Plastic Bulb Pipette Disposable, Disposable Pipette, Pasteur Pipette, Disposable Pasteur Pipette, Plastic Container, Disposable Plastic Container, Plastic Beaker, Urine Test Tube, Disposable Urine Tube, Gauze, Sterile Gauze, Reagents, Stains, Gram Stain, Ziehl-Nelson..., Malaysia

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