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Yama Ribbons & Bows Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of high quality ribbons and handmade ornaments. With our main products being polyester satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, printed ribbon, single- and double-face ribbon, and nylon velvet ribbon, we can also supply an assortment of ribbon bows and roses, packing bows, ribbon barrettes, trimmings, and related products. These items are widely used in garments, toys, Christmas and festival decorations, gift packing, hair barrettes, craft ware, and household decorations.

With our polyester ribbon made of high quality polyester filaments and dyestuffs, and dyed at high temperatures, we can now supply 147 colors (American Offray system colors) of polyester satin and grosgrain ribbon in over 16 widths. Outputting 2,000,000 yards of polyester satin and grosgrain ribbon every day, we are thus one of the largest manufacturers of these products in the world market.

From 2002 to 2004, we invested heavily in production lines for manufacturing polyester satin and grosgrain ribbons. Utilizing the most advanced equipment, our main production plant now includes high-speed looms, high-temperature continuous dyeing machines and high-speed yarn warping machines. Using imported yarns and environmentally friendly dyestuffs sourced from BASF (Dianix), we exert strict quality control over all processes. Completing all weaving, dyeing, finishing, winding and packaging in-house, we can thus ensure perfect product quality.

Our polyester satin ribbons have bright colors, fine textures, and high fastness to wet and dry rubbing. Strictly using azo-free dyestuffs, we can ensure that our series meet European, American and Japanese standards. Thus, with polyester satin ribbon being environmentally friendly, soft and colorfast, this product is gradually replacing nylon ribbon. Meanwhile, we have also taken a leading position in the nylon velvet ribbon field.

In addition to plain colored ribbon, we can also offer screen-printed specifications. Providing water printed, ink printed, pigment printed, puff printed, foil printed, metallic printed, neon printed and flock printed ribbon, main materials include polyester/nylon satin, grosgrain, sheet ribbon and organdy ribbon. Able to print ribbon in widths from 3 to 10 millimeters, we pack the printed ribbon base on 6, 10, 12 and 24 yard rolls for retail use, and 50 and 100 yard rolls for commercial use.

Meanwhile, with a decade of experience in the production of handmade ribbon bows and flowers, we are one of the earliest manufacturers of these items. Specializing in bows, flowers, roses, rosettes, packing bows, ribbon barrettes and wool flowers, we can also supply strings of beads and associated header cards.

Employing 300 personnel in our bow and flower factory, we have also formed long-term cooperative relationships with over a dozen community factories engaged in this field. Making use of self-produced high-quality polyester ribbon, we guarantee fine workmanship, novel styles and numerous varieties.

Promising all clients innovative designs, low costs, rapid delivery and good service, our products are now being marketed in China, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA. Keeping USD1,000,000 of inventory on hand in order to quickly fill clients' needs, we are striving to offer the best quality and service, largest inventory and quickest delivery.
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