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-LED lamps, -Ultra bright LED, -SMD LED, -Cluster LED, -Infrared LED, -Photo Transistors, -Infrared remote control receiver modules, -LED display, back light  
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Lucky Light Electronics Co Ltd

Lucky Light is a professional photoelectrical product
manufacturer. Prior to 1993, the Company only engaged
itself in visible-light LED component. By taking the view
to the rapid development of electronic and communication
worldwide in the recent years, it also has begun to devote
itself in R&D as well as manufacturing photoelectrical
products, such as ultra-high radiance diodes, SMD LEDs,
infrared sensor components, digital tubes, etc.
An automated production line, continuous R&D investment,
enterprising management, and an established code of
superior customer service are in place. At the endeavor of
all of the staff, the company has grown up into a renown
professional enterprise with good reputation throughout the
world for its best-in-class products and reward-winning

We mainly produce and supply:
-LED lamps
-Ultra bright LED
-Cluster LED
-Infrared LED
-Photo Transistors
-Infrared remote control receiver modules
-LED display, back light

We are always making efforts to reposition our company to
meet changing market demands. Sincerely wish you will
choose us as your next supplier for mutual growth. For more
details, please feel free to contact us.

# Certified by ISO9002, ISO14000, QS9000
# Homepage:

Products :

-LED lamps, -Ultra bright LED, -SMD LED, -Cluster LED, -Infrared LED, -Photo Transistors, -Infrared remote control receiver modules, -LED display, back light

Contact Information
Country: China
Address: 7/F., Zhonghao Bldg, Bagua Rd, Shenzhen



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