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Shaanxi Longxiang Electrical Co., Ltd. as a specialized manufacturer of vacuum circuit breaker and accessories of vacuum switch in China was established in the year of 2002, which is located in Gaoxin 19th Road, East Development Zone, Baoji city, Shaanxi Province. It is a specialized manufacturer to manufacture, sell and agent different vacuum switches as well as their main parts and components covering the voltage of 10kV ~35kV. Being one of the main products, the annual production volume of our vacuum circuit breaker has reached 6200 sets last year. Our main accessories include: insulation parts series, operating mechanism series, embedded pole, contact arm and jaws etc...

Because of reliable quality, good credit and very competitive price, our products sell well in the market of European, Southeast Asia and other areas
Products :
Vacuum Circuit Breaker , Insulation Parts , Operating Mechanism

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86 917 6732965
86 917 6732963
Gaoxin 19th Road,East Development Zone,Baoji,Shaanxi,China

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Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VIB)
vacuum circuit breaker,high voltage vacuum circuit breaker,circuit breaker,vacuum switch,swichgear,operating mechanism,In order to meet the market requirements for high quality VCB as well as their adaptation with its switchgear, our company develops this new generation of VIB type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker. It is three-phase AC, 50 Hz indoor power distribution equipment with the voltage of 12kV....
Operating mechanism (CT19 )
vacuum circuit breaker,switchgear,VCB,CT19 type mechanism can be used for ZN28 series HV withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker and other vacuum circuit breakers which have that of equivalent closing power. CT19B(A) type mechanism can be used for ZN28 series HV fixed type vacuum circuit breaker and other types which have that of...
ZW7-40.5 Type Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker,Vacuum Circuit Breaker,vacuum switch,switchgear,operating mechanism,ZW7-40.5 series of outdoor vacuum circuit breakers are three-phase, A.C 50Hz outdoor high voltage distribution equipment with 40.5kv rated voltage, which can be used to open or close loading current, over-loading current and short-circuit current,it is widely used in rural electrical network...
operating mechanism (3AV3 )
vacuum circuit breaker, operating mechanism,VCB,3AV3 type mechanism can be used for ZN85-40.5 series indoor HV vacuum circuit breaker,its characteristic and proptery comform to standard GB1984 AC HV VACUUM CIRCUIT BREAKER and product requirements TECHNOLOGG CONDITION , each specification can meet or exceed relative IEC standard. This...
VIB-24 Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
High Volatge Vacuum Circuit Breaker, vacuum circuit breaker,vacuum switch,VIB-24 Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker is a new generation vacuum circuit breaker for Shaanxi Shaankai-Longxiang Electrical Ltd. It is independently designed and developed by our-selves on the basic of absorbing the merit of same type for the products at home and abroad. The Product...

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