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packing machine,toothpick making machine,toothpick packing machine,straw making machine,straw packing machine,napkin machine  
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Zhejiang Hongda Machinery Co.,Ltd

Shengzhou Hongda Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in a series of machines, such as automatic toothpick packing machines, chopsticks packing machines, paper wrapped chopsticks cover producing machines, toothpicks and chopsticks multifunctional packing machines, drinking straw packing machines, multiple straw packing machines, bent flexible straw packing machines, single-straw platoon packaging machines, ice cream spoon packing machines, coffee bar packing machines, tongue depressor packing machines, cotton bud machines, wooden toothpick machines, bamboo toothpick machines, wooden chopsticks machine, bamboo chopsticks machines, drinking straw machines, spoon straw making machines, pipe bending machines, ice cream rod machines, coffee rod machines, tongue depressor machines, paper cup machines, napkin machines, wet tissue machines and cassette box napkin machines. With complete varieties, advanced technology, high quality and stability, we enjoy praise from foreign businessmen.

Products :

packing machine,toothpick making machine,toothpick packing machine,straw making machine,straw packing machine,napkin machine

Contact Information
Country: China
Address: Xianhu Road 1378#, Sanjiang Industrial zone, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province , China


Straw Packing Machine
 Straw Packing Machine, straw packing machine,straw packing,pack machine, 1.The machine can be used to pack straws of different diameter,length and quantity into auto produced bags. 2.It composed of hopper,hot sealing device,haul-off unit,cutting section,driven system,thin film rolling device,output conveying section and electronic controlled system. 3.It's easy...
Auto Wooden Tooth Picker Producing Machine
 Auto Wooden Tooth Picker Producing Machine, Tooth Picker Producing Machine,toothpick making machine,toothpick machine, timber divides one slice of machine,wood wool molding machine,wood wool set-size machine,polishing machine,toothpick set-size machine,toothpick mincing machine and multi-sharpen machine,all above 7 machines is a complete set of toothpicker making machine,from raw and processed maerials of wooden...
Auto Flexible Drink Straw Making Machine
 Auto Flexible Drink Straw Making Machine, Flexible Drink Straw Making Machine,flexible drinking straw making,flexible drink straw producing machine, This machine provides new levels of performance for the production of flexible straw. 1.automatic product counting and batch alarm 2.hopper in stainless steel is adapted 3.special repairing safety button,convenient and safe to repaire production speed:200-300pcs/min power: 1.5kw...
Bamboo Toothpick Producing Machine Set
 Bamboo Toothpick Producing Machine Set, Bamboo Toothpick Producing Machine,bamboo toothpick machine,bamboo skewer, This bamboo production line is composed of ten machines, is used for producing bambootoothpick from original bamboo to finished products.Types:1) Bamboo sawing machine2) Bamboo dissection machine3) Flaker4) Combined flaker5) Bamboo filament shaping machine6) Bamboo filament size setting machine7)...
rewing embossing stiletto toilet paper machine
 rewing embossing stiletto toilet paper machine, toilet paper machine,paper macine,napkin machine, the machine is equipped with rewinder and band saw to produce,though reply roll(2 of Vol. or 3),keep flower,punch,reply roll,charge roll,count grade process finish automatically in succession sutomaticaly it,Finished product that machine produce this is spend pattern to be clear and beautiful to...
drinking straw extruder
 drinking straw extruder, drinking straw extruder,dringking straw making machine,drinking straw machine, power :7.5kw 220v weight :700kg outside dimension :1.6*0.9*1.3m material :PP PE production speed :25~35kg/hour
automatic tooth picker packing machine
 automatic tooth picker packing machine, tooth picker packing machine,tooth picker packing,pack machine, the machine has a fast speed,give the material uniauly and avoiding the empty bag,high efficienty newly-increased scribble glue device automatically,with wide range of packing paper,under 100g rams can be used pack single or double tooth picks by performing colorful-printing on both side of...
cotton swab machine
 cotton swab machine, cotton swab machine,cotton signing machine,cotton swab, the machine has a hign speed and production rate,easy operate and convenient adjustment.the finished product is perfect and qualit achieves the national standard. power:2.3kw 380v production speed:1200pcs/min weight:500kg

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