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Knife Gate Valve

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Knife Gate Valve

1. Standard: API, DIN
2. Size Range: 2"-28"
3. Pressure: 150Lb-300Lb
4. Other features:
a) Handwheel torque or actuator force provides positive seat- knife closure
b) During closure, the stem slides down pushing the knife into contact with the two bottom lugs
c) The taper stem head then transfers a vertical closing force to a lateral force which positively seats the knife against the seat face
d) Stem force, not line pressure, maintains seating contact in this unique design, ensuring tight seating in both directions
e) During the opening and closing cycle, the guides ensure proper alignment of the knife

Ningbo Junchi Oilfield Supply Co.,Ltd. Products

Knife Gate Valve
Knife Gate Valve Features: 1. Standard: API, DIN 2. Size Range: 2"-28" 3. Pressure: 150Lb-300Lb 4. Other features: a) Handwheel torque or actuator force provides positive seat- knife closure b) During closure, the stem slides down pushing the knife into contact with...,Knife Gate Valve , Knife Gate Valve
Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Solid Wedge Gate Valve Solid Wedge Gate Valve NPS 2"~48" ANSI CLASS 150~1500 MATERIAL: WCB, LCB, WC6, C5, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M DESIGN STD: API 600, BS 1414, ASME B16.34 FACE TO FACE STD: ASME B16.10 END CONNECTION STD: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47 TEST STD: API 600...,Solid Wedge Gate Valve , Solid Wedge Gate Valve
EXPANDED GRAPHITE PACKING I. Definition: flexible graphite packing is waved by expanded graphite yarns, and it is weaved with different weaving technologies, usually, it is applied in many situations other than strong oxidant, it can be used to seal hot water, high temperature, high...,EXPANDED GRAPHITE PACKING , EXPANDED GRAPHITE PACKING
Seamless pipe
3.Seamless pipe Model: Line Pipe Type: API 5L Line Pipe Product information: Detailed introduction of the products: model OD wall thickness Weight inch mm inch mm lb/ft kg/m 0.405 0.405 10.29 0.095 2.4 0.31 0.47 0.54 0.54 13.72 0.088 2.2 0.43 0.62...,Seamless pipe , Seamless pipe
ARAMID (KEVLAR) FIBER BRAIDED PACKING I. Definition: it is weaved by aramid fiber with high strength (aramid fiber of DUPONT, KEVLAR, or AKZO, or domestic companies), and it is soaked in PTFE emulation and lubricant. II. Function: it can be the substitute of asbestos packing, it...,ARAMID (KEVLAR) FIBER BRAIDED PACKING , ARAMID (KEVLAR) FIBER BRAIDED PACKING
Oil tubing
1. Oil tubing Tubing is pipe used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the surface after drilling is complete. It is made to withstand the pressure generated from the extraction process. Tubing is manufactured in the same way as casing, except...,Oil tubing , Oil tubing
Drill collar
5.Drill collar Thread of Drill Collar Extermal Diameter D Inside Diameter D Length L mm Diameter of Bevel Angle Df mm Referenced Bending Intensity Rate mm in mm in NC31-41£¨27/8IF£© 104.8 4 1/8 50.8 2 9150 100.4 2.43£º1 NC35-47 120.7 4 3/4 50.8 2 9150 114.7...,Drill collar , Drill collar
pup joint
6. Pup joint Detailed product description USD for drilling petroleum in oilfield Tubing pup joint Size:OD: 2-3/8,2-7/8",3-1/2" ength: 2',4',6',8,10',12' rade:J55,K55,N80,L80,P110 ,pup joint, pup joint
carbon steel ball valve
One-Piece Body Reduced Port Blowout-Proof Stem CS Trim Vented Ball 2000 PSI/138 Bar Non-Shock Cold Working Pressure MATERIAL LIST PART SPECIFICATION 1. Body :Carbon Steel ASTM A 216 Grade WCB 2. Body Insert :Carbon Steel ASTM A 216 Grade WCB 3. Ball (Vented) :CF8M Stainless Steel...,carbon steel ball valve, carbon steel ball valve
eccentric semi ball valve
Eccentric Semi Ball Valve Nominal pressure: PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40 Nominal dimensions: DN50~DN1000 Material: ductile cast iron GGG50, WCB, A105, 304, 316 (body), 304, 316 (ball) Suitable medium: water, steam, oil Suitable temperature: soft seal below 150-degree, metal-to-metal...,eccentric semi ball valve, eccentric semi ball valve,ball valve
Ring joint gasket
Ring joint gasket 1. Description: The metal ring gasket refers to the metal gasket of octagonal-shaped, oval-shaped, RX-shaped or BX-shaped section by processing metal materials. It is self-tightening in diameter direction and has good sealing as the contact between gasket and the inside...,Ring joint gasket, Ring joint gasket
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