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Colistin sulfate CAS NO.: 1264-72-8

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Product Name: Colistin sulfate
Another name: Colistin, Polymyxin E
Molecular formula: 2(C52H98N16O13).5(H2SO4)
Molecular weight: 2801.27
CAS NO.: 1264-72-8
Appearance: white crystal or crystaling powder
Use: Be used for sensitive bacteria infection such as septicemia, acute enteritis, urinary tract infection and etc.
Standard: EP4
MSN :pansense13(at)hotmail(dot)com

Shandong PanXin Group Co.,Ltd. Products

Colistin sulfate CAS NO.: 1264-72-8
Product Name: Colistin sulfate Another name: Colistin, Polymyxin E Molecular formula: 2(C52H98N16O13).5(H2SO4) Molecular weight: 2801.27 CAS NO.: 1264-72-8 Appearance: white crystal or crystaling powder Use: Be used for sensitive bacteria infection such as septicemia, acute enteritis,...,Colistin sulfate CAS NO.: 1264-72-8, Colistin sulfate,Captopril,Cefixime,Chloramphenicol
Epalrestat CAS NO.: 82159-09-9
Name: Epalrestat Molecular formula C15H13NO3S2 Molecular weight 319.41 CAS NO.: 82159-09-9 Appearance: salmon pink crystalline powder Use: It is mainly used for the treatment of diabetes. Email:pansense13@gmail(dot)com MSN :pansense13@hotmail(dot)com Telephone : 86-0533-2695599 Fax...,Epalrestat CAS NO.: 82159-09-9, Epalrestat,Calcium Folinate,Calcium levofolinate
Clomifene citrate CAS NO: 50-41-9
Products name:Clomifene citrate Another name:2-4-[2-Chloro-1,2-diphenylethenyl]phenoxy-N,N-diethylethanamine citrate Structural formula: C26H28ClNO C6H8O7 Molecular weight: 598.11 CAS NO: 50-41-9 Appearance: white or milky white crystalline powder Use: the goods to anti-estrogen...,Clomifene citrate CAS NO: 50-41-9, Clomifene citrate,Gemcitabine Hydrochloride,Chloramphenicol
Doxycycline Hydrochlocide CAS NO: 24390-14-5
Name: Doxycycline Hydrochlocide Molecular formula: C22H24N2O8HC Molecular weight: 512.9 CAS NO: 24390-14-5 Appearance: pale yellow or yellow crystalline powder Use: used for sensitive gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacillus Email:pansense13@gmail(dot)com MSN...,Doxycycline Hydrochlocide CAS NO: 24390-14-5, Doxycycline Hydrochlocide,Buflomedil HCL
Etoposide CAS NO: 33419-42-0
Products name:Etoposide Another name:Etopl,Vepeside Structural formula: C29H32O13 Molecular weight: 588.56 CAS NO: 33419-42-0 Appearance: White or gray brown to yellow crystalline powder Use: It is applied to making anti-cancer drug Standard: USP29 Email:pansense13@gmail(dot)com MSN...,Etoposide CAS NO: 33419-42-0, Etoposide,Bromoacetaldehyde Diethyl Acetal
Lovastatin CAS NO: 75330-75-5
Name: Lovastatin Molecular formula: C24H36O5 Molecular weight: 404.55 CAS NO: 75330-75-5 Appearance: white powder Use: it is mainly used for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and mixed hyperlipidemia Package:20kg/drum Email:pansense13@gmail(dot)com MSN :pansense13@hotmail(dot)com...,Lovastatin CAS NO: 75330-75-5, Lovastatin,Mitoxantrone HCl ,Miltefosine
3, 4-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde CAS NO.: 120-14-9
Product Name: 3, 4-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde Another names: Heliotropin;3,4-dimethoxy-Benzaldehyde;veratraldehyde;3,4-dimethoxybenzenecarbonal; 4-o-methylvanillin;3,4-dimethoxy-benzaldehyd;methylvanillin;p-veratricaldehyde; protocatechualdehyde dimethyl ether;protocatechuecaldehyde dimethyl...,3, 4-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde CAS NO.: 120-14-9, 3, 4-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde Leaf Alcohol
DEA methoxycinnamate CAS No.: 56265-46-4
Product Name: DEA methoxycinnamate Alias: 2,2'-iminobis-Ethanol-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-propenoate; 4-Methoxycinnamic acid diethanolamine salt;Diethanolammonium p-methoxycinnamate; Parsol Hydro; p-Methoxycinnamic acid diethanolamine salt CAS No.: 56265-46-4 Molecular formula: C10H10O3.C4H11NO2...,DEA methoxycinnamate CAS No.: 56265-46-4, DEA methoxycinnamate 5-Nitrouracil
1,2-Pentanediol CAS:5343-92-0
Name: 1,2-Pentanediol Alias:Pentane-1,2-diol 1,2-Dihydroxypentane CAS:5343-92-0 Properties: Colorless transparent liquid; BP: 206ºC; Flash point: 104ºC; Density: 0.971; Refractive index: 1.4387-1.4407; Water solubility: miscible Email:pansense13(at)gmail(dot)com MSN...,1,2-Pentanediol CAS:5343-92-0, 1,2-Pentanediol 2-Furoic acid
Trifluorothymidine CAS NO: 70-00-8
Products name:Trifluorothymidine Another name:Trifluridine Structural formula: C10H11F3N2O5 Molecular weight: 296.20 CAS NO: 70-00-8 Appearance: Almost white crystalling power Use: It is used for making broad-spectrum anti-viral drug, Package: As your request...,Trifluorothymidine CAS NO: 70-00-8 , Trifluorothymidine,Vitamin C,Vitamin H
para amino phenol CAS NO: 123-30-8
Name: para amino phenol Another Name: p-aminophenol, PAP Molecular formula: C6H7NO Molecular weight: 10913 CAS NO: 123-30-8 Appearance: It is a beige to white crystalline or powder Use: It is a very important intermediate products, widely used in medicine, pesticides, additives, dyes and...,para amino phenol CAS NO: 123-30-8, para amino phenol,Cefixime,Captopril,Calcium levofolinate
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Country: China
Qilu Chemical Area, Zibo, Shandong

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