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We mainly supply series of mud pumps( like F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600 and PZ-9 )and a full line of fluid end expendables for popular mud pumps in the world, including Continental Emsco, National, Gardener Denver, Oilwell, Idero, Wheatly, Wilson, Wirth, OPI, Ellis Willianms, Skytop/Brewster, etc. Drilling equipments,Oilfield equipments,Triplex mudpump ,Mud pump spares etc  

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Wellhead handling tools-Well servicing power tong

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 (Ms Katherine)

Well servicing power tongs, tubing &sucker rod hydraulic tong
This kind of power tong, which is used for quickly making up or breaking out all kinds of tubing, small size of casing, drill pipes, or sucker rods in well drilling or servicing operations.

I. The tong head adopts inner curveed roller climbing and clipping. All die pieces bear the same pressure. The clipping is reliable.
II. It has two respectively differential radio, the high one has fast speed and the low-end ratio has large torque.
III. The arrester is on the top of tong head, which makes the service very convenience.
IV. The new hydraulic tong are made of the main tong and backup tong, which is flexible and reliable.
V. The pressure gauge is on the top of tong. It shows the high and low-end torque, but also shows the oil pressure.
VI. The main tong is equipped with safe valves for the oil pressure adjustment system, the hydraulic mechanical lift can use its system pressure to adjust power tong’s height at any time.

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Wellhead handling tools-Well servicing power tong (Ms Katherine) Well servicing power tongs, tubing &sucker rod hydraulic tong This kind of power tong, which is used for quickly making up or breaking out all kinds of tubing, small size of casing, drill pipes, or sucker rods in well...,Wellhead handling tools-Well servicing power tong, power tong
Wellhead handling tools-single joint elevator
Type SJ single joint elevators are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A, which is using for hoisting casing and other single joint in oil&gas field. Type SP single joint elevator are hoisting tools for handing single drill pipe, casing, tubing with 5°,12°and 18°taper...,Wellhead handling tools-single joint elevator, single joint elevator
Piston rod for Emsco,National,Garden Denver,Oilwell Mudpump
DXQ offers Pony Rods, Piston Rods and Clamps to meet today's tough oilfield requirements. Pony RodsOur Pony Rods incorporate the longer wearing surface to provide the best Pony Rod for your Triplex or Duplex pump.Piston Rods for Triplex Mud PumpsThe piston rods are manufactured to exacting...,Piston rod for Emsco,National,Garden Denver,Oilwell Mudpump, piston rod & pony rod
Ceramic liner for Emsco,Garden Dener,National,Oilwell Mud pump
We offer four different types of liners as per API standard for all popular pumps to suit any drilling conditions, including premium chromium liners, ceramic liners, chromium-plated liners and hardened liners. All items are manufactured to API 7K quality standards. Parts are available for...,Ceramic liner for Oilwell A1700PT Mud pump, Ceramic liner, bimetal liner,hardened liner
Warman Slurry Pump and parts (Ms Katherine) slurry pumps are widely used in power, metallurgical, mining, coal and building materials, which are suitable for handling abrasive and corrosive solids-bearing slurries with maximum concentrations of wt. 45% (ash) and wt. 60%...,Warman Slurry Pump , slurry pump
Mud pump spare parts (Accessories)
Our plants are specialized in producing wide range of replacement parts and liners for brand name mud pumps, including Emsco, National, Ideco, Gardner Denver, etc. and other brand liners. The main products are sold to USA, middle Asia,Canada, Mexco, Middle east, & Russia. All items are...,Mud pump spare parts , mud pump parts
Garden Denver PZ9 Mud pump
GARDEN DENVER PZ-9 MUD PUMP Model PZ-9 mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting piston pump which has the advanced structure and small in size. It has the reliable performance, good exchangeability, easy maintenance. The pump consists of two main sections: power end & fluid end....,Garden Denver PZ9 Mud pump , mud pump
Weco Hammer Union (Ms Katherine) HAMMER UNION We have large amount of hammer union in stock ,the high quality with competitive price has already earn us lot of reputation . The Hammer Union can be used for cementing truck, all kinds of manifolds and other...,Weco Hammer Union , hammer union
Mission Valve & Seat For Triplex & Duplex mudpump (Ms Katherine) DXQ offers 5 different styles of valves & seats to fit your drilling needs, suiting to almost all popular mud pumps in the world. The Stem Guided valve and seat and the Wing Guided valve and full open seat offers many...,Mud pump Valve & Seat , stem guided valve & seat,wing guided valve & full open seat
Piston with replacement rubber for National 14P220 Mudpump
Pistons with Replacement Rubbers:Our premium pistons are fully interchangeable with other API standard designed pistons and deliver maximum performance in almost all drilling conditions. The hub is formed from high grade steel. The piston rubber is made from specially formulated compounds which...,Piston with replacement rubber for National 14P220 Mudpump, piston with relacement rubber, piston rubber,piston hub
Emsco FB1600 Drilling Mud pump
F series mud pump is applicable to the requirement of high pump pressure in oilfield and high displacement technology of well drilling with its solid and compact structure, small volume and outstanding operation performance. F series mud pump has long stroke maintaining operation at lower...,Triplex Drilling Mud pump , Mud pump
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