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Cylinder block bonded line

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Technician data:

1>mixing container cubic meter: 1.5m3 ~2m3
2>grandu mixed with glue speed : 40r/min
3>utmost pressure force : 80ton
4>total power : 18.5kw
5>weight:4 ton
6>main frame size :L4*W4*H6
7>floor layout size :L6.5 *W4.3* H9
8>mould size ; dia-meter 1.15m; height :3.2meter
9>voltage: (380 v ,50hz . 3 phase)

flexible foam bonded , boned polyurethane epdm grandu for underlayer sector
ReboTec - recycling of trimmings
"ReboTec is a process, in which slab stock waste and trimmings are comminuted into flakes, then compressed into PU-bonded rectangular or cylindrical blocks that are subsequently cut to size.
Foam grinding:
" Grinding is a recycling process, in which foam trimmings are converted into loose flakes(by our HHRG-22/11).These are then ground into a powder through shear action in a roller mill. Larger particles are filtered and then fed to the mill until all particles fall into the specified < 0.2 mm fines fraction. The regrind powder can then be put in intermediate storage containers (silos).
The performance data of a crushing system for large-scale industrial use shown on the left are impressive: upto300 kg flakes are ground into powder of lessthan0.2 mm grain size every hour. The on-line metering unit feeds up to 70 kg of powder per minute into the polyol stream. With a second metering unit running in parallel, up to 140 kg of powder per minute can be processed. "

rebonding process
"The trimmings are shredded into flakes before being wetted with a polyurethane adhesive, then blended in a mixer and discharged into a mould. Since the loose flakes have a significantly lower bulk density than the finished block, the flakes are compressed inside the mould. Rebounded foam is subsequently formed by adding hot steam and pressure. "


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Country: China

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