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Resveratrol 10-99%      001 Alfalfa Extract 5:1/5 Flavonoids     002 Asparagus Root Extract 4%~10 Asparagoside     003 Astragalus Extract 0.2%,0.4%/16%;70% Flavone&Polysacchrides     004 Billberry Extract 10%~25% Anthocyanidins     005 Black Coosh Extract 1.5%,2.5 % Triterpene glycosides     006 green tea extract 30%-95% Polyphenols and catechins/EGCg     007 Bupleurum Extract 5% Bupleurum saikosaponins     008 Celandine Extract 2% Chelidonin     009 Cordyceps Extract 4:1 Cordyceptic aci     010 Citrus Aurantinum Extract 4%,6%,8% Synepherin     011 Dahurian Rhododendron Extract 70% Proanthocyanidin     012 Dandelion Extract 3% Flavonoids     013 Dongquai Extract 0.1% Ferulic Acid     014 Echinacea Extract 4% Phenolic     015 Elderberry Extract 5% Anthocyanidins     016 Epimedium Extract 5% Epimediosides     017 Eyebright Extract 4:1 Flavonoids     018 Fo Ti Extract 2% Phosphatide     019 Garlic Extract 2% Allicin     020 Gentian Root Extract 5% Gentianin     021 Giant Knotweed Extract 20%~99% Resveratrol     022 Ginger Extract 5% Gingerol     023 Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 24%/6%,28%/8%,30%/10 Ginkgoflavoglycosides/Terpene Lactone     024 Ginseng Extract 16%~90% Ginsenosides     025 Golden Seal Extract 5% Total Akloides     026 Golden Rod Extract 5% Flavonoids     027 Gotu Kola Extract 10% Triterpenes     028 Grape Seed Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins     029 Grape Skin Extract 20% Proanthocyanidins     030 Green Tea Catechins 60%~85% Tea Catechins     031 Green Tea Extract 40~98% Polyphenols     032 Guarana Extract 16% Caffeine     033 Gynostemma Extract 20%~90% Gypenosides     034 Hawthorn Berry Extract 2.0% Vitexin     035 Hawthorn Leaves Extract 2% Hyperosides     036 Hibiscus Flower Extract 1% Anthocyanidins      037 Hops Flower Extract 0.30% Flavonoids     038 Horse Chest Nut Extract 20% Aesbin     039 Horsetail Extract 7% Silica     040 Jasmine Tea Extract 40% Polyphenols     041 Kava Kava Extract 30% Kavalactones     042 Kudzu Root Extract 90% Isoflavones     043 Licorice Extract 12%~26% Glycyrrhizic Acid      044      045 Maitake Mushroom 15%,20% Polysaccharides     046 Milk Thistle Extract 70%, 80% Silymarin     047 Nettle Leaf/Root Extract 1~1.5% Silica     048 Notoginsemg Extract 10% Notoginsenosides     049 Ooling Tea Extract 30% Polyphenols     050 Pine Bark Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins     068 5-HTP 5-hydroxytryptophan 99%     Other herbal extract on inquiry..........over 500 kinds  

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Burdock Root Extract

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Burdock Root Extract
Extract ratio:10:1
Burdock Root Extract Arctium lappa L carbohydrate fructo-oligo-saccharides
Burdock Root is one of the foremost cleansing herbs, providing nourishing support for the blood, the liver, and the natural defense system. It's rich in Vitamins B-1, B-6, B-12, and E, plus manganese, copper, iron, zinc, sulfur, and more. You'll find Burdock Root in many tonic formulas and special blends designed for internal cleansing.
Official Latin Name: Arctium lappa
Burdock is also known by the names Bardane, Clotburr, Beggars Buttons, Gypsy Rhubarb, Gobo, and Burr. In traditional herbal texts, Burdock Root is described as a “blood purifier?or “alterative,? and was believed to clear the bloodstream of toxins.

Changsha Huir Biological- Tech Co. , Ltd Products

Burdock Root Extract
Burdock Root Extract Extract ratio:10:1 Burdock Root Extract Arctium lappa L carbohydrate fructo-oligo-saccharides Burdock Root is one of the foremost cleansing herbs, providing nourishing support for the blood, the liver, and the natural defense system. It's rich in Vitamins B-1, B-6, B-12,...,Burdock Root Extract, Burdock Root Extract
Fenugreek Extract
4-hydroxyisoleucine 4-hydroxyisoleucine CAS NO: 55399-93-4 Molecular formula: C6H13NO3 Molecular weight: 147 Discription White powder Quality and Specification 5%,40%,60%, 98% HPLC 4-hydroxyisoleucine is a kind of non-protein amino acid which is naturally presented in the legume...,Fenugreek Extract, 4-hydroxyisoleucine
rosemary extract Carnosic acid
rosemary extract Carnosic acid rosmarinic acid A silvery evergreen shrub that originated in the Mediterranean region and is now grown worldwide, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is prized both as a culinary and healing herb. Many of the current uses of this aromatic plant have been handed...,rosemary extract Carnosic acid , rosemary extract,Carnosic acid, rosmarinic acid
Galanthamine Hydrobromide
Galanthamine Hydrobromide Original plant: Shorttube Lycoris Specification: 98%,99% Test Method:HPLC Molecular Formula: C17H21NO3HBr Molecular Weight: 368.27 CAS No: 1953-04-4Melting Point : 258~264 ℃Solubility:Soluble in water,and slightly in alcohol. Description:Galanthamine...,Galanthamine Hydrobromide, Galanthamine Hydrobromide
Bilberry Extract
Bilberry Extract Original plant: Fruit of Vauniium macrocarpon L.. Specification: 25%-40% Anthocyanidin Test method:UV Molecular formula: C27 H31 O16 Molecular weight:611 CAS No.: 84082-34-8 Pharmacology Action:It can be used for Healing diabetes,Amphiblestrodes blur,Caligo lentis,Cataracta...,Bilberry Extract, Bilberry Extract
Red Clover Extract
Red Clover Extract Original plant: Stem,leaf and flower of Trifolium pratense L. Specification: 8%~40% Isoflavone Test Method:HPLC CAS No:977150-97-2 Solubility:Soluble in Methanol,Ethanol, Propanol. Description: Trifolium pratense extract has the function like plant estrogen.It is used in...,Red Clover Extract, Red Clover Extract
nettle extratct
nettle extratct Extract Ratio:5:1,10:1 Also known as "stinging nettle" because the prickly hollow needles on its dark green leaves sting and burn upon contact, nettle (Urtica dioica) is an ancient herbal remedy for snakebites, asthma, arthritis, urinary tract inflammation, and...,nettle extratct, nettle extratct
Grape Seed Extract
Grape Seed Extract Original plant: Seeds of Vitis vinifera L.. Specification: Proanthocyanidin 95%, polyphenol 95% Test method:UV Molecular formula: C30H26O12 Molecular weight: 578.53 CAS No.: 84929-27-1 Solubility: Partly soluble in water.Pharmacology Action:1.Prevent skin aging and...,Grape Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract
Yohimbe Extract Yohimbine
Yohimbe Extract Yohimbine Product Name Yohimbe Extract Yohimbine Botanical Name Pausinystalia yohimbe Plant Part Used Bark Effective Ingredient Yohimbine CAS No 146-48-5 Molecular Formula C21H26N2O3 Molecular Weight 352.54 Specification 8% Analysis HPLC Contact:Sally...,Yohimbe Extract Yohimbine, Yohimbe Extract,Yohimbine
Chlorogenic Acid
Chlorogenic Acid Original plant: Is the dried flower bud or opening flower of Lonicera japonica Thunb., Lonicera hypoglauca Miq., Lonicera confusa DC. or Lonicera dasystyla Rehd. (Fam. Caprifoliaceae). Specification:4%-99% Test method:HPLC Molecular formula: C16H18O9Molecular weight:...,Chlorogenic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid
Resveratrol Original plant: Root of Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc Specification: 10%~98% Resveratrol Test Method:HPLC Molecular Formula: C14 H12O3 Molecular Weight: 228.25Melting Point : 253~255 ℃ Solubility:Soluble in Ethanol and Propanol. Description: Resveratrol is a natural...,Resveratrol, Resveratrol
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