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Bisoprolol fumarate

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Chemical name: Bisoprolol fumarate
CBNumber: CB8371980
MW: 441.52
CAS: 104344-23-2
Usage :A selective a-adrenergic blocker. Used as an antihypertensive

Jinan Jiaquan Chemical Co.,Ltd Products

Bisoprolol fumarate
Chemical name: Bisoprolol fumarate CBNumber: CB8371980 MF:C22H35NO8 MW: 441.52 CAS: 104344-23-2 Color:White Usage :A selective a-adrenergic blocker. Used as an antihypertensive,Bisoprolol fumarate , Bisoprolol fumarate
Ropivacaine hydrochloride
Chemical Name: Ropivacaine hydrochloride CBNumber: CB0369811 Molecular Formula: C17H26N2O.ClH.H2O Formula Weight: 328.88 CAS No.: 132112-35-7 Chemical Properties :White Solid Usage: Anesthetic (local) ,Ropivacaine hydrochloride , Ropivacaine hydrochloride
Chemical name: Fluconazole
Chemical name: Fluconazole CAS: 86386-73-4 CBNumber: CB3740293 MF:C13H12F2N6O MW: 306.27 Chemical Properties: White to Off-White Solid Usage :Used as an antifungal, Chemical name: Fluconazole , Chemical name: Fluconazole
Chemical name: Nifedipine CAS: 21829-25-4 CBNumber: CB6260129 MF: C17H18N2O6 MW: 346.34 Chemical Properties Yellow Crystalline Solid Usage :Used as an antihypertensive and antianginal. A dihydorpyridine calcium channel blocker.,Nifedipine , Nifedipine
Chemical name:Atenolol CAS: 29122-68-7 CBNumber: CB3753116 MF: C14H22N2O3 MW: 266.34 Chemical Properties: Crystalline Solid Usage :Cardioselective β-adrenergic blocker. Antihypertensive, antianginal, antiarrhythmic (class II).,Atenolol, Atenolol
Chemical Name:Terbutaline CAS No.: 78628-80-5 Molecular Formula: C21H26ClN Formula Weight: 327.89 Chemical Properties: Crystalline Powder Usage: An orally active, antimycotic allylamine related to naftifine. A specific inhibitor of squalene epoxidase, a key enzyme in fungal ergosterol..., Terbutaline, Chemical Name:Terbutaline
Chemical name:Voriconazole CAS:137234-62-9 CBNumber: CB1160110 MF:C16H14F3N5O MW: 349.31 Chemical Properties: Cyrstalline Solid Usage :An antifungal. An Ergosterol Biosynthesis inhibitor,Voriconazole , Voriconazole
Iron saccharate
Chemical Name: Iron saccharate CBNumber: CB5678248 Molecular Formula: C18H24Fe2O24 Formula Weight: 736.06 CAS No: 8047-67-4 Usage: Anti-anemia drug ,Iron saccharate , Iron saccharate
Mefenamic acid
Chemical name: Mefenamic acid CAS: 61-68-7 CBNumber:CB5472051 MF:C15H15NO2 MW: 241.29 Usage:It is used as Anti-inflammatory, analgesic.,Mefenamic acid , Mefenamic acid
Fenticonazole Nitrate
Chemical name:Fenticonazole Nitrate CAS: 73151-29-8 CBNumber: CB8481997 MF: C24H21Cl2N3O4S MW: 518.41 Mol File: 73151-29-8.mol Raw materials: Diphenyl sulfide-->ESTRONE(RG) Usage: Broad spectrum.It is valid for skin fungus, yeast and other fungi causing skin fungus disease .,Fenticonazole Nitrate, Fenticonazole Nitrate
Butoconazole Nitrate
Chemical name: Butoconazole Nitrate CAS: 64872-77-1 Chemical Properties: White Solid CBNumber: CB9706745 MF:C19H18Cl3N3O3S MW: 474.79 Usage: Imidazole derivative with antifungal properties,Butoconazole Nitrate, Butoconazole Nitrate
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