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After about ten years development, we are very strong in products such as Gamma-butyrolactone, N-methyl pyrrolidone, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, 2-Pyrrolidone, Polyvinyl butyal, Polyvinyl Alcohol etc. Meanwhile, we keep researching and developing new products and trying to probe into new fields in chemicals.  

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Ciprofloxacin HCl

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Product Name: Ciprofloxacin HCl / Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride
CAS: 86483-48-9
MF: C24H40N8O4
APPEARENCE: light yellow crystalline powder Packing: 25kg/fiber drum
Usage: It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic of high efficacy

Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd Products

Ciprofloxacin HCl
Product Name: Ciprofloxacin HCl / Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride CAS: 86483-48-9 MF: C24H40N8O4 APPEARENCE: light yellow crystalline powder Packing: 25kg/fiber drum Usage: It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic of high efficacy,Ciprofloxacin HCl, Ciprofloxacin HCl,Ciprofloxacin HCl,Ciprofloxacin HCl,Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride
1, 6-hexanediol
Product name: 1, 6-hexanediol CAS#: 629-11-8 EINECS#: 211-074-0 Molecular formula: C6H14O2 Purity: 99.85%min Appearance: Colorless liquid Usage: Industrial Grade Packing: 200kg per iron drum Delivery: Within one week after payment made , 1, 6-hexanediol, 1, 6-hexanediol, 1, 6-hexanediol, 1, 6-hexanediol
1, 8-Octanediol
Product name: 1, 8-Octanediol CAS No.: 629-41-4 EINECS No.: 211-090-8 Molecular formula: C8H18O2 Density: 0.939g/cm3 Melting point: 50-60C Flash point: 128º C Appearance: White powder or flake crystals Application: It is mainly used in spice, UV coating raw material, ink, etc....,1, 8-Octanediol, 1, 8-Octanediol,1, 8-Octanediol,1, 8-Octanediol
N-Octylamine( 111-86-4)
Product Name: N-Octylamine ;Octylamine CAS: 111-86-4 EINECS No.: 203-916-0 M.F: C8H19N M.W:129.24 Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid Packing: 160kg per drum Application:Used for Pesticide Intermediates Delivery: Within one week after payment made ,N-Octylamine( 111-86-4), N-Octylamine,N-Octylamine,Octylamine
Product name: 1,2-Octanediol CAS#: 1117-86-8 EINECS No: 214-254-7 Molecular Formula: C8H18O2 Formula Weight: 146.23 Appearance: white colorless liquid Packing: 25kg per drum Assay: 99.5%min. Melting Point: 36-38 ºC Boiling Point: 131-132 ºC (10 MMHG) Water Solubility: 3 G/L...,1,2-Octanediol , 1,2-Octanediol ,1,2-Octanediol ,1,2-Octanediol ,1,2-Octanediol
Product name: 1,2-cyclohexanedione CAS No.: 765-87-7 EINECS No.: 212-155-3 Molecular formula: C8H18O2 Appearance: Colorless oily matter Density: 0.939g/cm3 Packing: 200kg per drum Application: Used for arginine calibration & organic synthesis Delivery: Within one week after...,1,2-cyclohexanedione, 1,2-cyclohexanedione,1,2-cyclohexanedione,1,2-cyclohexanedione,1,2-cyclohexanedione
N- Ethyl Morpholine
Product Name: N- Ethyl Morpholine; 4- Ethyl Morpholine Molecular Formula: C6H13NO Molecular Weight: 115 CAS RN: 100-74-3 EINECS: 202-885-0 Properties:Appearance: colorless transparent liquid, density(20C): 0.916, Moisture(%): ≤0.5, b.p.: (20C): 138C; Use: As catalyst for polyester...,N- Ethyl Morpholine, N- Ethyl Morpholine,N- Ethyl Morpholine,N- Ethyl Morpholine,N- Ethyl Morpholine
N-methyl morpholine
Product Name: N-methyl morpholine; 4-Methylmorpholine CAS: 109-02-4 EINECS: 203-640-0 Molecular Formula: C5H11NO Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid Uses: This product mainly used as a solvent, catalyst, corrosion inhibitor; also used for rubber accelerators and other fine chemicals...,N-methyl morpholine, N-methyl morpholine,N-methyl morpholine,N-methyl morpholine
Cyclopropanemethanol (2516-33-8)
Product Name: Cyclopropanemethanol Cyclopropanemethanol,Cyclopropyl Carbinol CAS NO: 2516-33-8 EINECS No.:219-735-5 M.F.: C4H8O M.W.: 72.11 Specifications: Assay 99%min. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Moisture; 0.5% max. Max. Single impurity; 0.5% max. Applications:...,Cyclopropanemethanol (2516-33-8), Cyclopropanemethanol,Cyclopropanemethanol,Cyclopropanemethanol
N-Methyl formamide(NMF)
Product Name: NMF ;N-Methylformamide N-Methyl formamide(NMF) CAS:123-39-7 EINECS No.: 204-624-6 M.F.: C2H5 NO Appearance: It is colorless transparent liquid, with ammonia odor It may soluble with the benzene, dissolves in the water, alcohol, and the ether. Purity: 99.5%min....,N-Methyl formamide(NMF), N-Methyl formamide,N-Methyl formamide,NMF,NMF
Product name: 1,5-Pentanediol CAS#: 111-29-5 Molecular formula: C5H12O2 Apperance: Colorless oily liquid, miscible with water. Usage: Mainly used in pesticide propiconazole synthesis and high-end cosmetics moisturizing agent. Packing: Packed in metal pail, barrel, net weight 180 kg....,1,5-Pentanediol, 1,5-Pentanediol,1,5-Pentanediol,1,5-Pentanediol
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