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cinnamic acid, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamic aldehyde, methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, fine chemical, flavor and essence, food additive, pharmaceutical intermediates  

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cinnamyl formate from Marilyn Mo

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cinnamyl formate
Product Name: cinnamyl formate
CAS NO. 104-65-4
EINECS No. 203-223-3
Molecular Formula C10H10O2
MW 162.18
Boiling point: 250 ℃, flash point: 100 ℃ or more.
Relative density (25 ℃) :1.077-1 .082,
Refractive index (20 ℃) :1.550-1 .556.Signs of dangerous goods
Packaging specifications: 25kg cardboard drum
Specifications Model: 98% enterprise standard
Physical and Chemical Properties: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with cinnamon like balsam gas, has a bitter taste.
Miscible in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and most of the non-volatile oil, a few do not dissolve in water.
Usage Is mainly used for the preparation of strawberry, raspberry, peach, banana and spices such as flavor.

Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd Products

cinnamyl formate from Marilyn Mo
cinnamyl formate Product Name: cinnamyl formate CAS NO. 104-65-4 EINECS No. 203-223-3 Molecular Formula C10H10O2 MW 162.18 Boiling point: 250 ℃, flash point: 100 ℃ or more. Relative density (25 ℃) :1.077-1 .082, Refractive index (20 ℃) :1.550-1 .556.Signs of dangerous goods...,cinnamates, cinnamyl formate ,104-65-4
GERANYL CHLORIDE CAS NO.: 5389-87-7 Assay: 97% Molecular Formula:C10H17Cl Molecular Weight:172.72 Melting point: 102-104℃ Boiling point: 102-104 ° Packing:5kg (drum) Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline powder Detection method: chemical method Certificate: ISO9001,...,cinnamates, GERANYL CHLORIDE ,5389-87-7
Cinnamyl alcohol from Marilyn Mo
Cinnamyl alcohol English Synonyms: (2E)-3-Phenyl-2-propen-1-ol;1-Phenyl-1-propen-3-ol;2-Propen-1-ol,3-phenyl-;3-Fenyl-2-propen-1-ol;3-phenyl-2-propen-1-o;3-Phenyl-2-propenol;3-phenyl-prop-2-en-1-ol;3-phenylprop-2-en-1-ol CAS NO.: 104-54-1 Assay: 98% Molecular Formula:C9H10O Molecular...,cinnamates, Cinnamyl alcohol ,104-54-1
phenethyl cinnamate from Marilyn Mo
phenethyl cinnamate Product Name: phenethyl cinnamate CAS RN 103-53-7 Packaging specifications: 25kg plastic barrel Specifications Model: 99% .. Standard Characters: cinnamic acid ethyl ester as a colorless or slightly yellow liquid. With alcohol, Ether, benzene phase immiscibility, do not...,cinnamates, phenethyl cinnamate,103-53-7
Isopropyl cinnamate from Marilyn Mo
Isopropyl cinnamate Product Name: Isopropyl cinnamate CAS No. :7780-06-5 Formula: C12H14O2 Molecular weight: 190.24 Assay: 99% Boiling point :269-270 ° C. at 760mm Hg Flash Point:> 212 ° F. TCC (> 100 ° C.) Refractive :1.52-1.57 at 20 ° C. Density: 1.035 ± 0.06g/cm3...,cinnamates, Isopropyl cinnamate,7780-06-5
1,3-Dimethoxybenzene from Marilyn Mo
1,3-Dimethoxybenzene CAS NO.: 151-10-0 Assay: 98% Molecular Formula:C8H10O2 Molecular Weight:138.16 Melting point: -52℃ EINECS NO.:205-783-4 Packing:200kg(drum) Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid Quality Standard: Enterprise Standard Usage: Flavors and fragrances...,cinnamates, 1,3-Dimethoxybenzene ,151-10-0
Red Clover Extract
Product Name: Red Clover Extract Appanrance: Dark Brown Powder CAS Number: 485-72-3 Molecular Formula: C16H12O4 Shelf life:2 years Storage: Store in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat Red Clover acts as an antibiotic, appetite suppressant, blood...,Red Clover Extract, Red Clover Extract,natural extracts, herbal extracts, plant extracts
Ganoderma Lucidum Extract
Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Latine Name: Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss.: Fr.) Karst. Appearance:Dark brown powder Content Specifications: Polysaccarides applications: 1. reishi mushroom extract is reputed as the elixir of life since ancient times, and is a rare and traditional chinese medicine in...,Ganoderma Lucidum Extract, Ganoderma Lucidum Extract,natural extracts, herbal extracts, plant extracts
Product Name: Quercetin Appanrance: Yellow needle powder CAS Number: 117-39-5 Molecular Formula: C15H10O7 Shelf life:2 years. Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture, strong light and heat. Quercetin is a potent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory activity,...,Quercetin , Quercetin ,natural extracts, herbal extracts, plant extracts
4-Formylcinnamic acid methyl ester from Marilyn Mo
4-Formylcinnamic acid methyl ester CBNumber: CB4361156 Chemical Name: 4-Formylcinnamic acid methyl ester CAS No.: 7560-50-1 Molecular Formula: C11H10O3 Formula Weight: 190.2 Appearance:white or canary crystal powder,it can be solved in ethanol, ethyl acetate and other organic solvent....,cinnamates, 4-Formylcinnamic acid methyl ester,7560-50-1
Cinnamyl acetate from Marilyn Mo
Cinnamyl acetate Product Name: Cinnamyl acetate CAS No. :103-54-8 Molecular Formula: C11H12O2 MW: 176.21 Packing specification: 200kg (barrels) Specifications Type: 98% Chemical properties: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, sweet balm and roses and vetiver fragrance mix....,cinnamates, Cinnamyl acetate ,103-54-8
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