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Perfluoro tributylamine
Molecular formula: (C3F7) 3N
Three, CAS registry number: 339-83-0
Fourth, the performance index
1, colorless and odorless transparent liquid, nonflammable, heat-stable, highly stable variety of chemicals, has good lubricity and excellent dielectric properties, non-toxic, non-corrosive.
2, molecular weight: 521
3, boiling range: (℃) 130
4, the pour point: (℃) -52
5, density: (25 ℃ g/cm3) 1.82
Five main purposes: anti-corrosion isolation instrumentation, transmission fluid. Dielectric fluid. Electronic components, devices leak fluid. Antioxidant lubricant. Electronic, optical, precision instruments clean.
Organic fluorochemcal(fluorosurfactant):
N,N-dimethyl,3-perfluorooctylsulfonylpropyl-aminium,​ iodide
Tetraethylammonium​ perfluoroctanesulfonate
Potassium​ perflurobutylsulfonate

Electroplating intermediate:​ ​
Electroplating intermediate for ni: PME, TCA, PPS-OH, BBI, HD-M, PS, PN
Electroplating intermediate for cu: SP/SPS, EDTP, MPS, DPS, ZPS, H1
Electroplating intermediate for zn: IME, BPC, MOME, TC-BAR, IMZ

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Perfluoro tributylamine (CAS# 339-83-0)
Perfluoro tributylamine , Perfluoro tributylamine ,Perfluoro tributylamine Molecular formula: (C3F7) 3N Three, CAS registry number: 339-83-0 Fourth, the performance index 1, colorless and odorless transparent liquid, nonflammable, heat-stable, highly stable variety of chemicals, has good lubricity and excellent dielectric properties,...
perfluorotributylamine (CAS# 311-89-7)
perfluorotributylamine, perfluorotributylamine,perfluorotributylamine Molecular Formula: N (CF2CF2CF3) 3 CAS Registry Number : 311 -89-7 Appearance: Colorless and odorless transparent liquid. It is nonflammable and keep stability to heat, and many chemicals. It has excellent lubricating quality and dielectric properties. Boiling range...
1,3-propane sultone (CAS# 1120-71-4)
1,3-propane sultone, 1,3-propane sultone,1,3-propane sultone CAS No.: 1120-71-4 Serial number G001 Trade name 1,3-propane sultone Molecular formula C3H6O3S CAS No. 1120-71-4 Assay 99% Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid(≥31°C)Colorless and transparent crystalline.(<31°C) Water-solubility Hardly soluble...
1,4-butane sultone (CAS# 1633-83-6)
1,4-butane sultone, 1,4-butane sultone,1,4-butane sultone CAS No.: 1633-83-6 Serial number G002 Trade name 1,4-butane sultone Molecular formula C4H8O3S CAS No. 1633-83-6 Assay 99%(min) Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid Water-solubility Hardly soluble in water Application It is the homologue of 1,3-propane...
Propargyl chloride (CAS# 624-65-7)
Propargyl chloride, Propargyl chloride,Propargyl chloride CAS No.: 624-65-7 Serial number G003 Trade name Propargyl chloride Molecular formula C3H3Cl CAS No. 624-65-7 Water-solubility Little soluble in water Assay 97% 65% Appearance colorless and transparent liquid colorless and transparent liquid Application As a propargyl...
Propargyl amine (CAS# 2450-71-7)
Propargyl amine, Propargyl amine,Propargyl amine CAS No.: 2450-71-7 Serial number G004 Trade name Propargyl amine Molecular formula C3H5N CAS No. 2450-71-7 Assay 95% Appearance Colorless to yellowish liquid Water-solubility Quite soluble in water Application pharmaceutical intermediates
Propargylamine hydrochloride (CAS# 15430-52-1)
Propargylamine hydrochloride, Propargylamine hydrochloride,Propargylamine hydrochloride CAS No.: 15430-52-1 Serial number G005 Trade name Propargylamine hydrochloride Molecular formula C3H6NCl CAS No. 15430-52-1 Assay 95%(min) Appearance White or yellowish crystaline Application pharmaceutical intermediates
Cyclohexylbenzene (CAS# 827-52-1)
Cyclohexylbenzene, Cyclohexylbenzene,Cyclohexylbenzene CAS No.: 827-52-1 Serial number G006 Trade name cyclohexylbenzene Molecular formula C12H16 CAS No. 827-52-1 Assay 99% Appearance Colorless and oil-like liquide boiling point 235-235°C related density@20°C 0.938±0.010 refractive index@20°C 1.5230±0.005 moisture...
N,N-diethylaminopropyn (CAS# 4079-68-9)
N,N-diethylaminopropyn, N,N-diethylaminopropyn,N,N-diethylaminopropyn CAS No.: 4079-68-9 Serial number G007 Trade name N,N-diethylaminopropyn structure formula HC≡C-CH2-N(C2H5)2 Molecular formula C7H13N CAS No. 4079-68-9 Assay ≥98% Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid Application Chemical intermediates.
Chloral hydrate (CAS# 302-17-0)
Chloral hydrate, Chloral hydrate,Chloral hydrate CAS No.: 302-17-0 Serial number G008 Trade name chloral hydrate Molecular formula C2H3Cl3O2 CAS No. 302-17-0 Assay 99% PH value 4.0-6.0 chlorideAssay 0.01%(max) roasted residue 0.1%(max) Application Chemical intermediates for nickel plating, pharmaceuticals, and...
3-butene-1-ol (CAS# 627-27-0)
3-butene-1-ol, 3-butene-1-ol,3-butene-1-ol CAS No.: 627-27-0 Serial number G009 Trade name 3-butene-1-ol Molecular formula C4H8O CAS No. 627-27-0 Assay 96% Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid Water-solubility Soluble in water Application pharmaceutical intermediates
Hypophosphorous acid (CAS# 6303-21-5)
Hypophosphorous acid, Hypophosphorous acid,Hypophosphorous acid CAS No.: 6303-21-5 Serial number G010 Trade name hypophosphorous acid CAS No. 6303-21-5 Assay 50%
Diallyl-dimethy-ammonium chloride (DMDAAC) (CAS# 7398-69-8)
Diallyl-dimethy-ammonium chloride (DMDAAC), Diallyl-dimethy-ammonium chloride (DMDAAC),Diallyl-dimethy-ammonium chloride (DMDAAC) I. Properties: 1. Formula: C8H16NCl [7398-69-8] 2. Constitutional formula: 3. Molecular weight: 161.5 4. Appearance: colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid. 5. Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol. II. Quality...
Phenazine (CAS# 92-82-0)
Phenazine, Phenazine,Phenazine I. Proterties 1. Formula: C12H8N2 2. Molecular weight: 180.20 3. Appearance: yellow needle crystal 4. Content: Min.99.5% 5. Melting point: 174°C 6. CAS No.: 92-82-0 II. Application The product is used as an assistants for liquid crystals...
Phenazine methosulfate (CAS# 299-11-6)
Phenazine methosulfate, Phenazine methosulfate,Phenazine methosulfate I. Properties: 1. Formula: C14H14N2SO4 2. Molecular weight: 306.34 3. CAS.No.: 299-11-6 4. Appearance: yellow crystalline 5. Melting point: 158-160°C 6. Content: ≥98.5% 7. CAS No.: 299-11-6 II. Application It is used...
3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, sodium salt (CAS# 126-83-0)
3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, sodium salt, 3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, sodium salt,3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, sodium salt CAS NO.: 126-83-0 Molecular Formula:C3H6O4ClSNa molecular Weight:196.6 assay:98.5% appearance:White crystalline powder Application:As there are halogen atoms and Hydroxy with strong activity ,and aslo sulfonate group with Hydrophilic In...