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food processing machine, farm machine, fruit and vegetable processing machine, feed machine, peanut processing machine  
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Henan Gelgoog Machinery CO, LTD

donut making machine, cookies making machine, peanut sheller, peanut peeling machine, peanut coating machine, peanut butter machine, cotton processing machine, oil press machine, fruit juicer, vegetable processing machine, straw crusher

Products :

food processing machine, farm machine, fruit and vegetable processing machine, feed machine, peanut processing machine

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Country: China
Address: Yufeng Road


Peanut Wet Peeling Machine
 Peanut Wet Peeling Machine, peanut peeler machine, Peanut Wet Peeling Machine: Model GG-200 GG-300 GG-400 Capacity 200-250 kg/h 400-450 kg/h 600-650 kg/h Dimension 1200*500*1100 mm 1200*850*1100 mm 1200*850*1100 mm Motor 750 w 1.1 kw +0.75 w 1.1 kw +2.2 kw Peeling rate 90-95% 95%-98% 95%-98% Weight 100 kg 150 kg 200 kg
Garlic and Ginger Grinding Machine
 Garlic and Ginger Grinding Machine, garlic grinding machine, Garlic and Ginger Grinding Machine: Features: It can stir the fresh or bloated capsicum into small pieces or pelitomorphics. Meanwhile, it can cut the garlic, ginger, potato, spinach, onion or lotus root into pelitomorphics or strips. It’s a good choice of flavoring plants and processing...
Garlic Wet Peeling Machine
 Garlic Wet Peeling Machine, garlic peeling machine, Garlic Wet Peeling Machine: GG-120 Weight: 150 kg Dimension: 1500*800*900mm Power: 3kw Capacity: 120kg/h Peeling rate:>95% GG-360: Weight: 260 kg Dimension: 1750*850*950mm Power: 4kw Capacity: 360kg/h Peeling rate:>95%
Fruit Juice Extractor
 Fruit Juice Extractor, fruit juice extractor, Fruit Juice Extractor: This machine is the double spiral model, with high capacity. 1 Spiral juice extractor material can be all kinds of vegetable and fruits 2 Stainless Steel material of fruit touching part 3 Extracted juices Automatically separated from waste Model: GGSL-2000 Capacity:...
Fruit and Vegetable Crusher Machine
 Fruit and Vegetable Crusher Machine, fruit and vegetable crusher, Fruit and Vegetable Crusher Machine: this machine is suitable for crushing berry fruit and vegetable, meanwhile, it also can crush the cooked and softening kernel fruit and vegetable, crushing size is 3 to 8 mm. Applicable scope: berries class: tomatoes, kiwi, carrots, mulberry, papaya, etc....
Hamburger Bread Baking machine
 Hamburger Bread Baking machine, hamburger baking machine, Hamburger Bread Baking machine: This machine includes the cast aluminium moulds, stainless steel hurricane globe. The two sides of the machine add stainless steel protection plate, which can ensure the users safety. The heating plate is adopted cast aluminium, making the heating tube and...
Peanut Brittle Cutting Machine
 Peanut Brittle Cutting Machine, peanut brittle cutting machine, Peanut Brittle Cutting Machine: the peanut brittle can be cutted by horizontal and vertical automatically, and the peanut brittle size can be adjusted as the clients' requirement. the finished peanut brittle is smooth and beautiful,neat and tidy, high production efficiency Model : GGHT-600...
Cookies Making Machine
 Cookies Making Machine, cookies making machine, Cookies Making Machine: GG-B700*500 is composed of die moulding system and pallet conveying system ,driven by timing motor which can adjust the production speed , the prototyping system is made of feeding rollers and used to force the dough into molding rollers to press the cake, the rubber...
Stuffed Meatball Forming Machine
 Stuffed Meatball Forming Machine, meat ball making machine, Stuffed Meatball Forming Machine: Model Power Dimension(mm) Weight (kg) GG-028 1.5 kw 400*5500*1280 150
Multifunctional Thresher
 Multifunctional Thresher, grain thresher, Multifunctional Thresher: Multilfunctional Thresher model GGTK-25 ,35 ,45 , show the characters as fellows , 1 . Mult function , for wheat , rice , corn , legume etc. 2 . Repeat shelling , 3 . The shelling yield is high . 4 .Bagging with 20 bags , save works Model GGTK-25 Motor Y90S...
Rice Huller
 Rice Huller , rice huller, Rice Huller: This machine can be used in the supermarket, grain shops, and the small process factories, etc. This machine is our patient product. We adopted the Korean, Japanese latest technology to develop this new product. It hulls the rice by Ultra Low Voltage, so as to make sure the...
Peanut Peeler
 Peanut Peeler, peanut peeling machine, Peanut Peeler: Model GG-200 GG-400 Capacity 200-250 kg/h 400-450 kg/h Dimension 1210*600*1280 mm 1420*900*1200 mm Motor 740 w 920 w Peeling rate 90-95% 95%-98%
Rice Huller Machine (Three Roller Model)
 Rice Huller Machine (Three Roller Model), rice huller machine, Rice Huller Machine (Three Roller Model): Our company’s patent Product , small three plastic roller huller machine, a shell rate is as high as 99%, equivalent to two roller shell huller machine two times . A can thoroughly clean little noise separation chaff . The body to all the seal type,...
Peanut Mill Machine
 Peanut Mill Machine, peanut mill machine, Peanut Mill Machine: This machine is the special equipment for processing peanut powder and sesame powder.It has features of easy operation,hight output,no oil,etc.It has several models for choosing by the user. model: GG-3 Power:3kw Output:100-300kg/h Size:1260×1000×1350mm
Soybean Milk Making Machine
 Soybean Milk Making Machine, soybean milk making machine, Soybean Milk Making Machine: This kind of equipment is the smallest edible soybean milk machine among those that are used for preparation for immediate consumption. It only covers less than 1 square meter. In terms of pulp grinding, it adopts the technology of one-pass operation. It also adopts...
Carrot Washing Machine
 Carrot Washing Machine, carrot washing machine, Carrot Washing Machine: Mainly used for carrot. White radish. Potatoes. Large ginger. Kiwi fruit cleaning, and so on to the mud and peeled Model: GG-120 1.Capacity:2500kg-3500kg/h 2.Dimension:2480x1180x950mm 3.Weight:370kg 4.Power:3KW 5. Main struction:Washing brush Φ120x1500mm*9 pieces...
Big Model Garlic separating Machine (With blower)
  Big Model Garlic separating Machine (With blower) , garlic separating machine, Big Model Garlic separating Machine (With blower) : This machine is used to separate garlic bulbs into cloves. The working principle is using standard rubber rollers for food product to break the garlic bulb into clove. It’s also applied the exclusive developed pressure adjustable method to...
Cube Sugar Making Machine
 Cube Sugar Making Machine, cube sugar making machine, Cube Sugar Making Machine: Model:GGFT-350 Number of the die holes: 160 Dimension of the holes: 16×16×13mm (18×18×12mm) Capacity : 350kg/h Weight of the sugar: more than 4.5g Motor power: 5.5KW/960r/min,380v/50HZ Dimension: 1800*1050*1700mm Weight of the equipment: 650kg
Sausage Filler
 Sausage Filler, sausage filler, Sausage Filler: Model capacity diameter Net weight(kg) GG-7 7L 140mm 13 GG-10 10L 219mm 21 GG-12 12L 219mm 22 GG-15 15L 219mm 24
Hamburger Forming Machine
 Hamburger Forming Machine, hamburger forming machine, Hamburger Forming Machine: Model Capacity Volume of feed bin Voltage Power Weight GGHB-2 2100 pcs/h 32L/time 220V/380V/110V/415V 0.37kw 100Kg
Meat Washer
 Meat Washer , meat washing machine, Meat Washer : Model Power Capacity Dimension(mm) GGQX 4 kw 350L /40 min 1810*725*1585
Frying Machine
Cassava Peeling and Slicing Machine
Potato Cleaning and Peeling Machine
Garlic Peeling Machine
Rotary Cube Sugar Machine
Honey Processing Line
Harvester For Peanut/Sweet Potato/Garlic
Betelnut Slicing Machine
Peanut Sheller and Cleaner
Potato Chipping machine
Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter
Automatical Vegetable Dewaterer
Sugarcane Juice Extractor
Fruit Juice Extractor
Peanut Slicing Machine
Egg Tart Forming Machine
Peanut Butter Machine
Mini Model Donut Making Machine
Coating and Flavouring Pan
Peanut Slivering Machine
Walnut Sheller Machine
Cashew Sheller
Bean Peeling Machine
Automatic Oil Press Machine
Bread Slicer
Popcorn Making Machine
Popcorn Making Machine
Meat Grinder
Ice Cream Making Machine
Chicken Paws Peeling Machine
Steamed Stuffed Bun Making Machine
Automatic Dumpling Making Machine
Dough Mixer
Stuff Mixer

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