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Column type diatomite filter machine includes diatomite mix tank, diatomite provide pump and the automatic control system. The filter machine can make an filtration in beer, yellow wine, beverage, syrup, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.Preparation of CO2 pressure-Fill water-Exhaust-Pre-coated diatomite 1-3.5mm thick -Pre-coated diatomite 400-500g/m2→Pump wine diatomite mixture 80-300g/100L-circulate→filter produce→Maintain the pressure in 0.02-0.04MPa/h→finish→prepare beer→discharge diatomite→cleanout→renew diatomite.

beer filling line,
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Column type diatomite filter machine
Column type diatomite filter machine, filter machine,Column type diatomite filter machine includes diatomite mix tank, diatomite provide pump and the automatic control system. The filter machine can make an filtration in beer, yellow wine, beverage, syrup, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.Preparation of CO2 pressure-Fill...
Beer filling machine
Beer filling machine, Beer filling machine,Balanced pressure filling machine is mainly used in filling beer, soda drink, cola, light sparkling wine, mineral water, etc. Technical features: GD balanced pressure filling machine is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, according to Chinese...
Vinegar filling machine
Vinegar filling machine, Vinegar filling machine,Negative pressure filling machine is mainly used for filling of foaming liquids, such as wine, soy sauce, vinegar, pesticides, etc. Principal features Negative pressure filling machine: 1. Level positioning accuracy, better than the industry standard, non-drip, tight and reliable seal. Broken...
Water filling machine
Water filling machine, Water filling machine,Pressure filling capping 3-in-1 unit machine integrates washing, filling and capping into one unit, which can be used for different kinds of fruit juices, tea hot drink production. With only a few parts changed, the machine can also be used for mineral water filling. The advanced micro-negative...
Bottle Unscrambler
Bottle Unscrambler, Bottle Unscrambler,The machine is suitable for unscrambling disorder polyester bottles, make them order and in one line, then discharge them by vacuum conveyor. It has the following features: PLC program controlling, digital show speed, automatic and high speed operation, easy to connect with all kinds of filler or...
GD-PLJ-4000 model of Tunnel Pasteurizer
GD-PLJ-4000 model of Tunnel Pasteurizer, Tunnel Pasteurizer,This series Tunnel Pasteurizer is also called water spraying type bottle warming/cooling machine. Different from directly heating type flash sterilizing machine, this series Tunnel Pasteurizer could sterilize liquid product together with its package (glass bottle or PET bottle or can). It can...
Shrink packing machine
Shrink packing machine, Shrink packing machine,Main technical parameter: Package size (mm): 240*195*210 Packing speed: 10-15bags/min Dimension(mm): 2970*1320*1926 Air pressure: 0.6-0.7Mpa Power: 1KW
Bottle drying machine
Bottle drying machine, Bottle drying machine,Machine characteristics: Air is through the filter into high pressure blower, and then through the pipe into the wind knife. Finally it becomes a strong breeze belt in the wind knife edge, using strong breeze blown to dry the water on the wall of the bottle from different directions. This...
Stainless steel beer keg
Stainless steel beer keg, Stainless steel beer keg,Our stainless steel beer barrel is made of SUS304 stainless steel , which inside and outside, with PU thermal layer and two beer pouring tips, upper tip and bottom tip and the outer shell is impacted by many precision models and welded by argon arc welding technology. The main types are welding...
Bactericidal spray machine
Bactericidal spray machine, Bactericidal spray machine,This machine contains 5 temperature zones. The minimum temperature difference between zones confirms good sterilizing effect, and also reduce bottle broken rate. Hot water is recycled to use in temperature sections in order to save heat energy and reduce water consumption .This machine could...
Beer keg washing machine
Beer keg washing machine, Beer keg washing machine,1) Equipped with high powered water pump, clean completely. 2) Set the program freely, easy to operate. 3) Equipped with CO2 prepare presses function. 4) Save 50% water in the cleaning process. 5) Unique water temperature control device, clean with lye for better cleansing. 6) Steam...
Automatic glass bottle-washing machine
Automatic glass bottle-washing machine, washing machine,The machine contains the inner layer washing machine, the outside remove labeling machine, and the soaking machine etc. And we could dispose soaking groove and electric control system, with the characters of high efficiency of washing bottle, low bottle –broken, rate, saving water and...
Automatic symmetric groping bottle washing machine
Automatic symmetric groping bottle washing machine, washing machine,The machine can handle bottles in various shapes with import heatproof griper. It can accomplish to sterilize, rinse, dry such bottles as glass bottles, easy-open can, PET plastic bottles .Change of bottle shape needs simple regulations, no need for new components.
Spray bottle—washing machine
Spray bottle—washing machine, washing machine,Conveyor belt will put needed cleaning bottles into the bottle screw,due to the bottle inputting screw and star wheel catch plate are continuously operating in-phase which will synchronously convey the needed cleaning bottles to the center of transferring manipulator and the manipulator along...