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HeNan JunSheng Refractories Limited

White Fused Alumina , Brown Fused Alumina , High Alumina Cement, Pink Fused Alumina,Fused Silica, Tabular Alumina, Fused and Sintered Spinel, Fused and Sintered Mullite, Fused Zriconia Mullite, Alumina Bubble, Boron Carbide,Silicon Carbide, Refractory Castable , and Refractory Brick.

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Country: China
Address: The west of Shangwu Waihuan Road,South of JiuruDong Road,CBD,Zhengzhou


Rotary Kiln Calcined Bauxite
 Rotary Kiln Calcined Bauxite , Rotary Kiln Bauxite,Calcined Bauxite,shaft Kiln Bauxite,bauxite,refractory materials,, Rotary Kiln Bauxite-HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED Al2O3 86%min     SiO2 8.0%max     Fe2O3 2.0%max     TiO2 4.0%max     K2O+Na2O 0.3%max     CaO+MgO 0.6%max     B.D. 3.15g/ccm min.
high alumina refractory cement
 high alumina refractory cement , High alumina cement,Calcium alumina cement, binder materials Calcium alumina cement,, High Alumina Cement-HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED High Alumina Cement refractgory materials from HeNan JunSheng Refractories Limited ,with good quality,suitable price,fast delivery. Application: in refractory concretes, strength is maintained at high temperatures. as a component in...
Fused Alumina Bubble
 Fused Alumina Bubble, Alumina Bubble,Alumina Ball,Refractories materials Fused Alumina Bubble, Fused Alumina Bubble -HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED PROCESS OF PRODUCTION AND APPLICATION Fused Alumina Bubble is produced by blowing the melt of high purity Bayer process aluminain a controlled atmosphere to produce hollow spheres. Due to its low density and extremely low thermal...
White Tabular Alumina
 White Tabular Alumina , Refractory Tabular Alumina,Ceramic Tabular Alumina,Sintered Tabular alumina, Tabular Alumina APPLICATION-HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED Tabular Alumina has been widely used as the material of choice in unshaped and shaped high performance refractories used in a variety of industries (steel, foundry, cement, glass, petrochemical, ceramic and waste incineration)....
White fused aluminium oxide
 White fused aluminium oxide, Refractory raw materai White Fused Alumina,Ceramic White Fused Alumina,Abrasive White Fused Alumina,White fused aluminium oxide,white corundum, HeNan JunSheng Refractories Limited 's White Fused Alumina APPLICATION: Dedicated lines produce products for different applications. White Fused Alumina is highly friable and hence used in Vitrified Bonded Abrasives products where cool, fast cutting action is essential and also in the...
Abrasive material Pink Fused Alumina
 Abrasive material Pink Fused Alumina , Pink fused alumina,Chrome fused alumina,Chrome corundum,abrasive materials., Pink Fused Alumina Applications-HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED: The FEPA F grades of Pink Fused Alumina are especially suitable for the manufacturing vitrified bonded abrasives for working hardened steels and alloys with tensile strengths of over 50 kg/mm. Pink Fused Alumina is also used in...
Refractories Materials Fused Zirconia Mullite
 Refractories Materials Fused Zirconia Mullite, Fused Zirconia Mullite,Zirconia Mullite,FZM,Refractories Materials Zirconia Mullite, Fused Zirconia Mullite APPLICATION -HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED Fused Zirconia Mullite is used in specialty product applications where a high resistance to environmental corrosion and a low coefficient of thermal expansion are desirable properties. Applications include ceramic pressure...
synthetic Fused Silica for casting
 synthetic Fused Silica for casting, Refractory Fused Silica,Ceramic Fused Silica,Fused Silica for Casting, Fused Silica APPLICATIONS-HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED: Fused Silica is an excellent raw material for use in investment casting, refractories, foundries, technical ceramics, and other applications that require a consistent, high purity product with very low thermal expansion. A.Chemistry...
Bauxite Ceramic Proppant for Oil and Gas
 Bauxite Ceramic Proppant for Oil and Gas, Ceramic Proppant,,Ceramic Fracturing proppant,proppant, Ceramic Proppant is a kind of Ceramic Particel Products with high fracture strength. Ceramic Proppant is mainly used for Fracturing in Oilfield to stimulate the output of the Oil and Gas. Ceramic Proppant was made with High-quality Bauxite, Coal and other raw materials, and Ceramic Proppant...
Silicon Carbide Ball for Steelmaking
 Silicon Carbide Ball for Steelmaking, Silicon Carbide Ball for steelmaking,black silicon carbide ball,deoxidizer silicon carbide Ball, Silicon carbide ball -HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED is a new type of deoxidizer,put it into the molten steel ,it easy to sink to the bottom, then fully deoxy, deoxy time shortened, energy conservation, improve the steel-making efficiency, reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce...
 FUSED ZIRCONIA ALUMINA, Abrasive raw material Fused Zirconia Alumina,Refractories raw material Fused Zirconia Alumina,Fused Zirconia Alumina for polishing,Fused Zirconia Alumina for Grinding wheel, Fused Alumina--Zirconia(HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED) is produced in a high temperature electrical arc furnace by fusing zirconium quartz sand and alumina. It is characterized by hard and dense structure, high toughness, good thermal stability. It's suitable for manufacturing large...
Fused/Sintered Calcium Aluminate Slag
 Fused/Sintered Calcium Aluminate Slag, Fused/Sintered Calcium Aluminate Slag, Our product, calcium-aluminate purifing agent, is used in Iron and Steel industry. During the secondary refinery, the slag formation is from calcium-fluorine (CaO-CaF2) slag convert into calcium-aluminate (CaO-Al2O3) salg. The high alkaline calcium-aluminate slag has a good desulfuration effect....
abrasive brown fused alumina
 abrasive brown fused alumina, Refractories brown fused alumina,abrasive brown fused alumina,Ceramic brown fused alumina, 1.Refractories grade Brown Fused Alumina 2.Alumina:95%min 3.Include BFA95,BFA92,BFA90,BFA85 4.Professional manufacture BFA Chemical Composition Al2O3 95%min SiO2 1.50%max Fe2O3 0.30%max TiO2 3.00%max CaO+MgO 1.0%max Melting point 2050°C Refractoriness...
Fused alumo-magnesia spinel
  Fused alumo-magnesia spinel , Needle Fused Spinel,Fused alumo-magnesia spinel,refractories raw materials spinel,Fused spinel for brick, needle Fused Spinel refractory materials PROCESS OF PRODUCTION AND APPLICATION-HENAN JUNSHENG REFRACTORIES LIMITED Manufactured from high purity magnesia and Bayer process alumina in large electric arc furnace,Fused Spinel has excellent refractory properties, and can be used to produce Bricks...

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