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Yuan yuan company headquarters is located at Beilun,Ningbo,Which is famous for its Orient Grand Port. It is near the international big city Shanghai and the most prosperous Changjiang River Delta.Fast developed economy,good transport facilities and large assembly of talents lay a good foundation for the development of our country.Founded in 1998,our company is specialized in development and production of all kinds of inkjet media,cold lamination film,vinyl sheet,desktop printing media,etc.At present, there have formed four series such as inkjet media series,PVC series,desktop printing media and display system,11 categories and 77 items. Our company is also engaged in large format inkjet printing,digital card paper, and all kinds of pressure sensitive glue. It has become one of the key enterprises with complete series of products in the advertising industry. Our subsidiary company Ningbo yuanyuan enterprise and Shanghai Zeafee enterprise have been built with production base of 33 thousand sq.meter. there are 15 coating lines, and 55 sets of relevantmachines with annual output of 90 million sq.meter.(including all kinds of inkjet media,cold lamination film,vinyl sheetand flex).our Zeafee and Chimei brand productsare well sold to all over our country through 45 branches,offices and 60 direct sales networks in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Wuhan,Chengdu,and etc.,covering 50% domestic market. Our products are also exported to America,Europe,Australia,Southeast Asia, MiddleEast countries,HongKong and Taiwan regions through our int’l dept. and overseas branches in Hongkong,Germany,U.K. andAustralia.
According to its development aim, yuanyuan company will develop its production capability with annual output of 150 million sq.meters of inkjet media. In the spirit of integrity and innovation, our company will supply you with our high quality products in reasonable prices for the fast-developing and flourishing advertising world.
Products :
Roll Screen(Silver White/Black) , Roll Up , Scrolling Screen , Back Board(Flat/Curved) , Flexible Back Board , Mini-Back Board , X-Banner Stand , L-Banner Stand , Twin Banner Stand , Triple Screen , Triple Screen , Wall Picture Shelf , Flying Banner , Portable Materials Shelf , Nylon Materials Shelf , Alu-Line Standard , Conference Desk , Conference Chair , Promotion Desk , Y Banner With Trigonal Tank , X Banner With Trigonal Tank , Post Stand With Trigonal Tank , Flag Stand With Tank , Ink Jet Paper(WP-100MP) , Ink Jet Paper(WP-130MP) , Ink Jet Paper(WP-145GP) , Matt Coated Photo Paper(WP-190MP) , Matt Coated Photo Paper(WP-180PHM) , Matt Coated Paper(Wp-220PHM) , High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-150GN) , High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-180GN) , High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-220GN) , Glossy Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-200GP) , Glossy Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-230GP) , Glossy Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-180GP) , Glossy Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-235GP) , Glossy Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-250PHG) , Pure Cotton Canvas(WP-650CAC) , Pure Cotton Canvas(CAC-600C) , Golden PET Film(PET-GF) , Silver PET Film(PET-SF) , Self Adhesive Soft PP , Waterproof(WP-110SPL) , Self Adhesive PP Paper , Waterproof(WP-120MNL) , Self Adhesive PP Paper With Gray Glue , Waterproof(WP-120MNGL) , PP Paper Matt , Waterproof(WP-150MN) , PP Paper Matt , Waterproof(WP-180MN) , Matt Coated Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-150PHM) , Matt Coated Photo Paper , Waterproof(WP-190MP) , Art Canvas Matt , Waterproof(WP-600CVM In Roll) , Art Canvas Matt Pure Cotton , Waterproof(WP-650CAC In Roll) , Non-Wovern Ink Jet , Waterproof(WP-150NWF) , Frontlit Flex Matt , Waterproof(WP-400FFM) , Backlit Flex Matt , Waterproof(WP-400BFM) , Self Adhesive Front Printing Backlit Film , Waterproof(WP-01L) , Front Printing Backlit Film , Waterproof(WP-BF) , PP Paper Matt(BS-170MN) , PP Paper Glossy(BS-170GN) , PP Paper Matt(BS-150MN) , Self Adhesive Matt PP Paper(BS-150MNL) , PP Paper Glossy(BS-150GN) , Self Adhesive Glossy Pp Paper(BS-150GNL) , Self Adhesive PP Paper Matt(BS-120MNL) , Self Adhesive Pp Paper Glossy(BS-120GNL) , High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-220GN) , High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-180GN) , High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-150GN) , Self Adhesive High Glossy Photo Paper(PH-150GNL) , Art Canvas Pure Cotton , Waterproof(CAC-650C) , Inkjet Silk Fabric , Waterbase(TF-150GN) , Transparent PET Film(PET-TF) , Gold PET Film(PET-GF) , Silver PET Film(PET-SF) , Backlit Film(BF-01/03) , Flex , Waterbase(TF-200MN) , Self Adhesive Vinyl Glossy For Dye Ink(PVC-140WFL) , Self Adhesive Vinyl For Dye Ink(PVC-140TFL) , Self Adhesive PVC White With Clear Adhesive For Solvent Printing(SOL-CA) , Self Adhesive PVC White Gray Adhesive For Solvent Printing(SOL-GA) , One Way Vision For Solvent Printing , Cold Lamination Film , Glossy(LAM-100G) , Cold Lamination Film , Matt(LAM-100M) , Cold Lamination Film(LAM-120M) , Cold Lamination Film(LAM-120G) , Cold Lamination Film(LAM-150M) , Cold Lamination Film , Glossy(LAM-150G) , Cold Lamination Dull Matt(LAM-150MZ) , Double Side Cold Lamination Film(DSA-01) , Mild Solvent Glossy Photo Paper(230gram/m2 , MS-230PH) , Mild Solvent Glossy Photo Paper(180gram/m2 , MS-180PH) , Mild Solvent Glossy Photo Paper(150gram/m2 , MS-150PH) , Mild Solvent Self Adhesive High Photo Paper(150gram/m2 , MS-150PHL) , Mild Solvent Glossy Pp Paper(150um , MS-150GN) , Mild Solvent Glossy Pp Paper(170um , MS-170GN) , Mild Solvent Self Adhesive Glossy Pp Paper(110um , MS-110GNL) , Mild Solvent Self Adhesive Glossy Pp Paper(120um , MS-120GNL) , Banner Frontlit Flex For Solvent Printing(FL230G-340) , Banner Frontlit Flex For Solvent Printing(FL250G-440) , Banner Frontlit Flex For Solvent Printing(FL250G-510) , Banner Frontlit Flex For Solvent Printing(FL250G-544) , Banner Frontlit Flex For Solvent Printing(FL550G-440) , Banner Frontlit Flex For Solvent Printing(FL1010G-510) , Banner Backlit Flex For Solvent Printing(BL510G-680) , Two Sides Printable , Blockout(300*300D) , Mesh(WG-1010-270 , Weight:270).

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T1 district,xiaogang economic development zone,Ningbo,China

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