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Guangzhou Kepeng Electronics Co.,LTD is a the house gather the development and produce the household-use medical treatment in implemental profession in household-use medical treatment apparatus company
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Applicability It Can Be Suitable For Every Massage And Health Protection Of Cervical Spondylosis. The Ashi System Is Suitable For Other Sicknesses And Pains Need Physiotherapy In Other Parts Of Human Body , (Such As:Arthritis , Periarthritis Humeroscapularis , Gastroenteritis , Gynecopathy And Inflammation And Pains). It Is Suitable For Vertebrae Department , Paining Department , Recovery Department And Physiotherapy Department Of Hospital. It Is Suitable For Patient At Home. Introduction Of Massage Action Efficiency Of Middle And Low Frequency Current The Mid-Frequency Current Therapy Of Chuanmu Massage Instrument For Cervical Spondylosis Has Remarkable Curative Effect For Deep Tissue Of Body And Mesenchymal Tissue Of Bones; It Can Diminish Inflammation , Relieve Pain , Improve The Blood Circulation Of Spinal Cord , Nerve Root And Vertebral Artery And Recover Their Function. The Low Frequency Current Therapy Has Preferable Curative Effect For Pains Of Shallow Tissues , Such As Muscle Spasm. Function Of Infrared Hot Moxibustion The Five Ring Infrared Hot Compress Of Chuanmu Massage Instrument For Cervical Spondylosis Has Best Function For Warming And Activating Meridians , Promoting Qi And Blood Circulation , Eliminating Dampness , Dispelling Cold , Relieving Spasm And Pain. It Can Improve Local Blood Circulation Of Tissues , Release Muscle Spasm , Eliminate Appeared Swelling , Diminish Inflammation , Relieve Pain And Release Symptoms. Function Of Magnetotherapy Adopting The Principle Of Magnetic Field Acting On Affected Region And Acupoints Of Human Body , The Chuanmu Massage Instrument For Cervical Spondylosis Can Reduce The Excitability Of Nerve Ending , Accelerate Interior Blood Circulation To Arrive At The Effect Of Relieving Pain , Decreasing Swelling And Diminishing Inflammation , It Has Also Distinct Release Function For Pains , Swelling Pain , Sense Of Heaviness Caused By Neck Type And Nerve Root Type Cervical Spondylosis. The Magnetotherapy Can Promote Sleeping Condition , Prolong Sleeping Hour , Adjust Function Of Autonomic Nerves And Has Better Curative Effect For Dysphoria , Hidrosis , Dizziness And Headache Caused By Sympathetic Nerve Type And Vertebral Artery Type Cervical Spondylosis. Methods Of Traction With Pillow The Chuanmu Massage Instrument For Cervical Spondylosis Can Use The Natural Weight Of Head And Counterforce Of Elastic Ball To Reach Up To Relational Balance Between Traction And Counter Traction , Make The Cervical Vertebrae To Execute Slow And Mild Traction Under The Condition Of Normal Physiological Curvature , Widen Gradually The Vertebrae Space Of Patient , Release Pain , Recover The Vertebrae Curvature To Normal Position , Correct Gradually Phenomenon Of Iniquitous Alignment And Avoid The Damage Of Cervical Vertebrae Caused By Unsuitable Traction Of Common Methods. The Pillow Type Traction Of The Chuanmu Massage Instrument For Cervical Spondylosis Can Reduce The Stimulation And Friction Of Cervical Vertebrae Caused By Activity , Relief Mechanical Press And Stimulation On Nerve Root And Spinal Cord , Be Favourable To Absorb And Reduce Local Inflammatory Edema , Hyperaemia And Prominence Of Nerve Root And Periphery Soft Tissue,At The Same Time,It , With The Complex Treatment Means , Such As Massage Of Middle Frequency Current , Infrared Hot Compress And Magnetic Treatment , Can Relax Stiff Muscle Of Neck , Release Pain , Disappear Limited Function , Improve Blood Supply Of Cerebrum And Spinal Cord And Circulation Of Cerebrospinal Fluid.

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