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Hengrui New Material Development Co., Ltd

Hengrui New Material Development Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with high-tech, specializes in fluoride products: Potassium Fluoborate, Potassium Fluotitanate, Potassium Fluoaluminate, Potassium Fluosilicate and hydrofluoric acid, etc, which is located in Changsha Taiwanese Investment Zone with scenic spots and convenient communication---The project was involved in 10,000,000 Yuan RMB. Its products are used in aluminums, titanium, boron alloys, metal surface-treating: such aluminums, magnesium, copper and solvent used in industrial processing, and grind stone to lower the temperature in operation, and fire proof material in cotton and man-made fabric, as well as active stuffing for glass, ceramic and abrasive. Many times its products have been approved for its good qualify by National Technical Intendance Department. All the data have reached and over national and international standards.
Right now our products are widely spread in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiansu, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Henan and Sichuan provinces. Internationally more then ten countries such as in America, Spain, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Egypt.
With advanced technological process and perfect quality inspection, we always stick to the tenet of ?high quality, prompt delivery, excellent services and perfect credit?. We warmly welcome domestic and overseas businessmen to visit our company, and we are looking forward to providing with products first-rate quality of and service to meet your requirement.
Products :
Fluoride Products , Potassium Fluoborate , Potassium Fluotitanate , Potassium Fluoaluminate , Potassium Fluosilicate , Hydrofluoric Acid

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Rm 1304,No 158 Annex 1 South Furong Road,changsha,Hunan province

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Potassium fluoborate
Potassium fluoborate, KBF4 ,m.w.125.90 Properties: The product is a white powder, density: 2.498g/m-3, able to flow freely, melting point (decomposition temperature):350degree centigrade,slightly soluble in water and hot alcohol. Uses: It is used in the preparation of fluxes requried by metal processing industries,...
Potassium fluotitanate
Potassium fluotitanate, K2TiF6,M.W.: 240.00 Properities: The product is a white powder, 3.012g/m3, able to flow freely, melting point: 780 degree centigrade, soluble in hot water and slightly soluble in cold water and inorganity acid. It turns into TiO2 gradually when heated up to 500 degree centigrade in the air....
Potassium fluosilicate
Potassium fluosilicate, K2SiF6,M.W:220.25 Properties: The product is a white crystalline or powder. It is flavourless and with microacid; the hexagonal crystal system 3.08 and system 2.665(at 7℃); deliquesece in moist air and slightly souble in water, also soluble in hydrochloric acid; the solubility has...
Potassium Fluoalumlnate
Potassium Fluoalumlnate, nKF.AlF3(n=1-1.2),Note: K/Al is the molecular ratto between k and Al . Product Quality: Approaching to advanced French standard, the chemical Formular lies at binary system eutectic point KF.AlF3. Properities: The product is a white or grey crystalline powder, initial melting point: 560 ℃, solubility in...

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