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The China xinliang lampholders co., ltd Distribution depot is Guangdong Province Zhongshan old town one specialized makes the European and American gauge lamp holder, the lamp holder and each kind of decorative lighting fitting's specialized factory!
main product includes: E14, E27, B15, B22, E12, E26, European and American series's and so on E17 thrust line's plastic cards enter the type lamp holder lamp holder, the dotted line bakelite self-locking type lamp holder lamp holder, the switch socket lamp holder, the butterfly clamp the lamp holder lamp holder, the shrapnel lamp holder lamp holder, the spring lamp holder lamp holder. Quartz lamp holder, halogen lamp holder, lamp holder. E27 (F519) ceramics lamp holder, G23, G23X, G24, G24X, GU24 energy conservation lamp lamp holder plug, waterproof lamp head light socket, European gauge US gauge's and so on G9, GU10, GZ10 plastic hardware decorative lighting fittings.
Europe and America An Gui authenticates the product to include: European Union CE lamp holder lamp holder, RoHS lamp holder lamp holder, German VDE lamp holder lamp holder, American UL, cULus lamp holder lamp holder, Canadian CSA lamp holder lamp holder, SGS PAHs lamp holder lamp holder, Chinese CQC(CCC) lamp holder lamp holder, SGS PAHs, RoHS instruction environmental protection authentication lamp holder lamp holder.
Under the modernized factory's management pattern, our production process uses the assembly line work, moreover from the product design, the mold manufacture, the hardware ramming, the bakelite and the plastic injection molding to the product assembly, the safe examination, the sale independently completes by this factory coordinated process. Therefore we had the competitive power high quality authentication product by the perfect high-quality service and the price to win the general manufacturer support and the affirmation, the product best-selling home, sold in distant markets countries and the area and so on Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Middle East.
Heartfelt gratitude old customer these years to my factory support, was also anticipating knows more new friends, will create the illumination profession together the radiant future!
Address: NO.2 road 19.ciqianli.guzhen town.zhongshan city.guangdong province.china
Contact:tony zhang
TEL:+86-760-22340144 15975734120
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The China Xinliang Lampholders Co. , Ltd Distribution Depot Is Guangdong Province Zhongshan Old Town One Specialized Makes The European And American Gauge Lamp Holder , The Lamp Holder And Each Kind Of Decorative Lighting Fitting's Specialized Factory! Main Product Includes: E14 , E27 , B15 , B22 , E12 , E26 , European And American Series's And So On E17 Thrust Line's Plastic Cards Enter The Type Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , The Dotted Line Bakelite Self-Locking Type Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , The Switch Socket Lamp Holder , The Butterfly Clamp The Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , The Shrapnel Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , The Spring Lamp Holder Lamp Holder. Quartz Lamp Holder , Halogen Lamp Holder , Lamp Holder. E27 (F519) Ceramics Lamp Holder , G23 , G23X , G24 , G24X , GU24 Energy Conservation Lamp Lamp Holder Plug , Waterproof Lamp Head Light Socket , European Gauge US Gauge's And So On G9 , GU10 , GZ10 Plastic Hardware Decorative Lighting Fittings. Europe And America An Gui Authenticates The Product To Include: European Union CE Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , RoHS Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , German VDE Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , American UL , CULus Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , Canadian CSA Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , SGS PAHs Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , Chinese CQC(CCC) Lamp Holder Lamp Holder , SGS PAHs , RoHS Instruction Environmental Protection Authentication Lamp Holder Lamp Holder. Under The Modernized Factory's Management Pattern , Our Production Process Uses The Assembly Line Work , Moreover From The Product Design , The Mold Manufacture , The Hardware Ramming , The Bakelite And The Plastic Injection Molding To The Product Assembly , The Safe Examination , The Sale Independently Completes By This Factory Coordinated Process. Therefore We Had The Competitive Power High Quality Authentication Product By The Perfect High-Quality Service And The Price To Win The General Manufacturer Support And The Affirmation , The Product Best-Selling Home , Sold In Distant Markets Countries And The Area And So On Europe And America , Southeast Asia , Middle East. Heartfelt Gratitude Old Customer These Years To My Factory Support , Was Also Anticipating Knows More New Friends , Will Create The Illumination Profession Together The Radiant Future! Address: NO.2 Road 19.Ciqianli.Guzhen Town.Zhongshan City.Guangdong Province.China Contact:Tony Zhang TEL:+86-760-22340144 15975734120 FAX:+86-760-22346356 E-MAIL:shallot2008@ Yahoo.Com.Cn Www.Xllight.Com.Cn

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NO.2 road 19.ciqianli.guzhen town.zhongshan city.guangdong province.

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