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Qinhuangdao YuTian Science&Technoloty Co., Ltd

Qinhuangdao Yutian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qinhuangdao, a famous coastal city with excellent position and convenient transportation. The company was established in 2000. It is a high-tech company integrating research, development, production and manufacture.

Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to Yutian for business negotiation.
Products :
Investment Casting Equipment , Dewaxing Autoclave , Wax Injection Machine , Ceramic Core Injection Machine , Slurry Mixer , Rainfall Sander , Metal Expansion Joint , Metal Hose , Pressure Vessel , Storage Tank , Reaction Tank , Quick Open Door Pressure Vessel , Metallurgical Valves , Hot Blast Valve , Swing Goggle Valve , Back Draft Valve , Chimney Valve , Gas Shut Off Valve , Gate Valve , Butterfly Valve , Metallurgical Vehicles , Iron Ladle , Steel Ladle , Hot Metal Transfer Car , Iron Ladle Car , Steel Ladle Car , Flat Car

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No.16 Heilongjiang Road, Qinhuangdao Development Area,Hebei,China

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Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave
autoclave, boilerclave, Dewaxing Autoclave,dewaxing boilerclave, investment casting equipment,It is the special equipment of pattern wax-melting technical in casting line. Many logical interlock can be controlled by PLC, including temperature, pressure, water level, air admission valve, air bleeding valve, wax discharge valve and door operation interlock. Except manual door-opening...
C Frame Double Station Wax Injector
wax injection machine, wax injector, investment casting equipment,foundry machine, autoclave, lost wax casting machine, fine casting machine, wax ejector, wax bar making machine,Free Change of Wax Container Specification : 5T, 8T, 10T Application: Suitable for investment casting silica sol pattern forming line. Model : YT-SMZJ5T、YT-SMZJ8T、YT-SMZJ10T ”Yutian” brand C frame double station wax injector is designed...

Butterfly valve
valve, butterfly valve,hot blast valve,valves, betterfly valves,Name : Regulating Butterfly Valve Specification : DN100-2600 Application: Suitalbe for the air/gas pipelines of hot blast furnace system and the gas cleaning and dust removing system. Model :...
Fan-Shaped Type Board Plug Valve
Valve, board plug valve,valves, swing goggle valve, goggle valve, hot blast valve, cold blast valve, chimney valve, gas shut off valve, gas cut off valve, gas isolation valve, butterfly valve,Specification : DN300-800 DN900-2000 Application: Suitable for the outdoor gas pipelines of metallurgical and chemical system. Served as gas isolation valve. Model : QYTC43X,QYTC43bX,QYTC743b,QYTC943bX “YuTian” brand fan-shaped board plug valve has...

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