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Chancease International Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, China and specialized in manufacturing and exporting. Please be kindly informed that we can supply
1.Automatic chain bending machine and chain welding machine(chain manufacturing machine);
2.Tools for metal: Bi-metal Hole Saws, HSS Twist Drill Bits, HSS Hole Saws, HSS Step Drills, TCT Hole Saws, Taps and Dies, HSS End Mills, HSS Countersinks, Carbide Rotary Files;
3.Tools for wood: Auger Bits, Spade Bits(Flat Wood Bits), Expansive Bits, Forstner Bits,  Brad Point Drill Bits, Adjustable Circle Hole Cutter, Carbon Steel Hole Saws, Reciprocating & Jig Saw Blades, Countersinks for wood, Plug Cutters,  Router Bits, TCT Saw Blades;
4.Masonry tools: Tungsten Carbide Grit Hole Saws, SDS-plus Hammer Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Chisels, TCT Core Drills, Diamond Core Drills, Glass & Tile Drill Bits, Diamond Saw Blade;
5.Other tools: Screwdriver Bits, Nut Setters, Gear Wrenches, Hex Key, Bit Holders, Quick Change Connectors, Screw Extractors, Hollow Punches, Levels
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Bi-metal Hole Saws
flat wood bit,auger bit,forstner bit,expansive bit,nutsetter,screwdriver bit,hollow punch,bi-metal hole saw,Bi-metal Hole Saws with HSS teeth are rugged cutting tools designed to cut accurate holes in machinable up to 38mm or 44mm thick. Ranging in size from 14mm to 210mm in diameter, they can be used in portable electric tools, air tools, drill presses, lathes, boring mills, milling machines and some...
Nutsetters,accessories,nut setter,nutsetters,nut,driver,power tool accessories,circle hole cutter,hole saw,carbon steel hole saw,bi-metal hole saw,Nutsetters are for driving hex nuts and screws. Our nutsetters are made of quality Cr-V steel to guarantee our nutsetters good torque. Our nutsetters are ranged into non-magnetic type and magnetic type upon different overall length. They have different surface treatment, such as sandblasted,...
Screwdriver Bit
Screwdriver Bit, hand tools,tool sets,screwdriver,bit,Screwdriver bits are suitable for power tools and air tools to drive various screws with different head types, such as slot, Phillips, hex, square, Torx, Star and so on. Special head types and overall length of those screwdriver bits can be upon customers special requests. Our bits are made of...
Tungsten carbide hole saw
Tungsten carbide hole saw, tungsten carbide,hole saw,hole,saw,masonry working,cutting,Sell Tungsten carbide hole saw (Tungsten Grit Tipped Hole Saw) These hole saws will cut ceramics, bricks, hardwood, concrete, composites, granite slab, asbestos and other abrasive materials that would wear out conventional saws. They have a tough steel body with multiple carbide grits...
Flat Wood Bit
Flat Wood Bit,flat wood bit,spade bit,drill bit,accessories,SS twist drill bit,saw blade,level,tools kit,accessories,cutting tools, hole saw,Flat Wood Bit (Flat Wood Boring Bits) Specification: Diameter: 6-40mm(1/4"-1-9/16") Length: 100, 152, 300, 400mm Material: #45 or #60 carbon steel Packing: Double blister, sliding card, wood box, or design by customer's requests

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