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Super Source Tooling Inc.

Super Source Tooling an experienced manufacturer specialzed in corrugated moulder knives and moulder heads. With its special focus, CNC machines and severe quality control, Super Source Tooling is becoming a main supplier of the high quality corrugated moulder knives an moulder heads - Corrugated Knife Steel, Corrug-Lock Carbide Knives, Hydro Lock Moulder Heads and Stright Bore Moulder Heads
Products :
Corrugated Knife Steel , Serrated Back Knives , Corrug-Lock Carbide Knives (Same As Euro-Lock , Weinig Double-Back TM Carbide Knfie System , WKW Bak-Pak Carbide Knife System) , Cutterhead , Cutterblock , Moulder Head , Hydro-Lock Cutterehad , Easy Lock Cutterhead , Centro-Lock &Amp; Terminus TM Planer Knife Williams &Amp; Hussey Knives , Jointing Knives

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No.29 Wuhui Road, Zhong Shan District / Yaojia Industrial Zo

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serrated back knives
serrated back knives, woodworking tooling, machine knives, cutting knives,* Accurately creep crush ground corrugations. * Heat-treated with triple tempers for the HSS steel. Special surface treat for the high performance. * Steel grades: D2-HCHC,V2-HSS,M2-HSS,T1-HSS,V3-HSS,BNv,ER-Super Run,TCT. * A full line of the thicknesses and widths. * Standard 60-degree...
corrug-lock carbide knives, knife lock set
corrug-lock carbide knives, knife lock set, carbide knife, Euro-lock, Weinig Double-Back, Super-Pac, WKW Bak-Pak,same as Weinig Double-Back TM carbide knife system, WKW Bak-Pak TM knife system Premium micrograin carbide with mirror finish on face side. * Precision ground backer. * Four widths for planing and profiling - 38, 50, 60, and 70 mm. * Lengths of up to 310 mm. * Two systems popular in America...
hydro-lock cutterhead
hydro-lock cutterhead, cutterhead, moulder head, woodworking cutterblock, woodworking tooling, machine cutting knives,* High strength steel for maxiable durability and performance. * Body diamater: 137mm, 150mm, 163mm and 195mm. * Cutting Lengthes: 60mm to 230mm. * Bore sizes: 1-1/2", 40mm, 1-13/16", 50mm and 2-1/8". * Cutting Angle: 10°, 12°, 15°, 20° or dual angle. * Number of...
Quick-lock planer knives, woodworking cutting toolings
Quick-lock planer knives, woodworking cutting toolings, Centro-lock planer knives, woodworking cutting tools, Terminus, planer knives ,Replacement reversable knives are offered in T1-HSS & C3 grade carbide applied on Terminus Quick Change Cutterheads and Weinig Centro-Lock 530 cutterheads. Popular szies 3x16mm & 2.55x14mm, lengths up to 700mm-T1 HSS and C3-540mm.

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