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Full Circle Inspection (HK) ltd

Quality Inspections Dedication You Can Count On!

Full Circle Inspection is a professional and reliable third-party quality inspection company. We provide factory audit, product inspection and customized inspection services throughout mainland China.

As a well-respected quality inspection company, our inspectors and auditors are fully trained, qualified engineers with extensive experience. Our management team is a composition of Western and Oriental cultures, giving our clients the focused results they need.

With our professional and knowledgeable quality assurance staff on site, your production remains safe here in China.

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China Inspection Service-Initial Production Check
China Inspection Service-Initial Production Check, Inspection China, China quality control, China quality assurance,Initial Production Check (IPC) During the Initial Production Check phase of quality assurance, we take a hands on approach to insure all goods are manufactured to meet client standards. By working with you on the initial stages of production, the production process starts flawlessly. After the...
China Inspection Service-During Production Check
China Inspection Service-During Production Check, China quality inspection,China quality assurance,During Production Check (DUPRO) At 20% of the order completion, the production line is inspected. The DUPRO verifies initial discrepancies found during the IPC have been corrected, if any. Each stage of the assembly process is analyzed. Samples of goods are taken at this time for quality...
China Inspection Service- Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
China Inspection Service- Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI), Inspection China, China quality control, China quality assurance,Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) The PSI is performed prior to the shipment of the finished product and includes a sampling inspection. Production samples are drawn randomly when they are packed for shipment. A comprehensive inspection will be conducted at this time, which will insure that all...

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