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ningbo rhong machinery manufacturing co.,ltd.

NINGBO Beilun Rhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the manufacturing of auxiliary equipments for plastics molding machine located in Ningbo city, China. Our equipments include Plastic Granulator,Plastic Crusher,Hopper Dryers, Vacuum Auto-loaders, Mixers, granulators,dehumidifiers,temperature controller, industrial chillers and the central feeding system. Our equipments are widely used in various industries including electronics, household appliances, CDs, building materials, packaging, beverage, medical industry and so on.

We have a R&D team of senior engineers with experience of more than five years. We make continuous efforts in the research and development of advanced equipments. Our design idea is nice appearance, high efficiency, stable performance, easy operation and safe using.
Products :
Plastic Granulator , Plastic Crusher , Hopper Dryers , Vacuum Auto-Loaders , Mixers , Granulators , Dehumidifiers , Temperature Controller , Industrial Chillers And The Central Feeding System , Plastic Machine , Plastic Plant , Plastic Processing Machinery

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Donggangqi,Xiaogang subdistrict,Beilun

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Low-speed Granulator
Low-speed Granulator , low speed granulator,plastic granulator,crusher,plastic machine,granulators,plastic plant,plastic processing machinery,industry equipment,The low-speed beside-the-press granulators of RG18 series often work with stainless steel dryer and set beside plastics molding machine to collect the sprues and scraps produced while injection molding.The regrinding is then conveyed by the blower to the mixing chamber of hopper dryer with vigin...
Medium-speed Granulator
Medium-speed Granulator , middle speed granulator,plastic granulator,crusher,plastic machine,granulators,plastic machine,plastic processing machinery,plastic plant,industry equipment,This machine sets beside plastic molding machine to crush sprues and scrapyards before their reuse.It is designed to shred various shorts,reuse and semi-finished products made of plastic and rubber materials such as soft PC,polycarbonate,nylon,ABS and so on in sheet,twig or mesh shapes. The main...
Compact Sound-proof Granulator RGQ26 series
Compact Sound-proof Granulator RGQ26 series , compact sound-proof granulator,plastic granulator,granulators,crusher,plastic machine,plastic plant,plastic processing machinery,industry equipment,Compact Sound-proof Granulators(RGQ26 series)are also defined “Strong crusher with sound-proof device”,the most distinct difference between Compact sound-proof Granulators and Powerful Granulators is to adopt sound-proof design in fully enclosed body ,very low noise and equip necessary...
Heavy Duty Granulator
Heavy Duty Granulator , heavy duty granualtor,granulators,plastic granulator,crusher,plastic machine,plastic plant,plastic processing machinery,industry equipment,RG56 series Heavy-duty Granulators are used to grind centralizedly thick remnants of pipes, moldings, and planking, package material, containers, sheet materials, wires, cables and so on. They play an important role in recylcing plastic wastes, defective goods and rejects and therefore can...
Powerful Granulator RG-26/36
Powerful Granulator RG-26/36, powerful granulator,plastic granulator,plastic machine,crusher,plastic processing machinery,plastic plant,industry equipoment,Powerful Granulators(RG26/36 series) can crush various sprues , scrap,and offcuts made of soft or hard plastics in block, ball or bar shapes.Automatic evacuation blower is optional to use in order to reduce man power,pollution on raw material and increase work effeciency. Features:...

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