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iangxi Glance Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

iangxi Glance Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture, located in Nanchang “half hour economic circle”, and close Jingjiu and Zhegan railway, many highways and national roads. It is a professional manufacturer of medical devices for single use, specializing in disposable sterilization medical device products, including: disposable hypodermic needle, dispending needle, dispending syringe, vacuum blood collection tube and needle cannula tube, etc. Also we supply disposable products non-sterile.

The company has total capital asserts 7 million RMB more, registered capital 1.18 million RMB; its floor spaces 4000 square meters, of which is used as constructing 2277 square meters. It has a 10 thousand purification workshop which takes 400 square meters,it is really a gardenesque factory. There are more than 120 staff and 87 professional technicians, among whom 6 people have taken junior college and university degree, 4 persons hold middle level engineer. The company has a first class of equipments for producing, inspection and technical outfit.
Products :
Hypodermic Needle , Hypodermic Syringe , Vacuum Blood Tube , Vacutainer , Ss Cannula.

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jinxian medical device industrial area, china

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disposable hypodermic needle
disposable hypodermic needle, hypodermic needle,STERILE AND UNSTERILE HYPODERIC NEEDLE Disopsable hypodermic Needle. High quality stainless steel; large inner diameter high flow; sharpness maximize patient comfort; color coded hub by size for clear recognition; semi-transparent needle-hub for clearness of flashback; International...
vacuum blood collection tube
vacuum blood collection tube, vacutainer,Vacuum blood collection tube: Name No additive Tube Description: Color Code Red The no additive tubes are applicable to the immunochemistry, immunology, serumology and all kinds of virus tests as well as the blood sampling and storage in blood collection stations. The tube walls are...
ss cannula
ss cannula, ss cannula, needle,Cannula: 1. Cannula-Made of stainless steel AISI 304, diameter and length According to the ISO standards 2. Cannula sharpening: Triple and painless, it is polished by special Technology. 3.size:16G,17G,18G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G, 28G, 29G.
disposable hypodermic syringe
disposable hypodermic syringe, syringe,Syringe: Disposable Syringes. 2ml ( 21 G x 1" / 22 G x 1 " / 23 G x 1" / 24 G x 1" ) 3ml ( 21 G x 1" / 22 G x 1 " / 23 G x 1" / 24 G x 1" ). 5ml ( 21 G x 1" / 22 G x 1 " / 23 G x 1" / 24 G x 1" ). 10ml( 22 G x 1&1/2 " / 21 G x...

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