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As a main application of tungsten alloy products, radiation shields are widely applied in medical and nuclear industries.
Owing to its excellent radiation resistance, tungsten heavy alloy has gradually replaced lead shields to become the main shielding materials in many industries to protect the radiation from X-ray, β-ray, γ-ray, etc.
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Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding/Container , Nuclear Medical Shielding , Tungsten Alloy Collimator , Nuclear Testing Equipment

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Tungsten Alloy Swaging Military Rod
Tungsten Alloy Swaging Military Rod, Tungsten Alloy Swaging Military Rod,Tungsten alloy swaging military rod has the following main properties: high density, high melting point, small volume, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, high temperature resistance, low vapor pressure,...
Tungsten Alloy Military Sphere
Tungsten Alloy Military Sphere, Tungsten Alloy Military Sphere,Tungsten alloy sphere provide a safer alternative to lead, because of its non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it can bring no harm to our body, another important point is that its higher density enables it to hold its shape better, even under extreme conditions. So tungsten alloy military...
Tungsten Alloy Military Cube
Tungsten Alloy Military Cube, Tungsten Alloy Military Cube,Tungsten alloy cube is widely used in military defense, such as: shot gun, armor piercing bullets, penetrates armor, mutilate tanks, self-propelled guns, armored vehicles, ships, aircraft, or any other armored target. It used in military defense because it has the good properties: high density...
Tungsten Alloy Medical Radiation Shielding
Tungsten Alloy Medical Radiation Shielding, Tungsten Alloy Medical Radiation Shielding,Tungsten alloy has is ideal for medical radiation shielding against X-rays and gamma radiation because of the good advantages of it such as: high radiation resistance, high density (more than 60% denser than lead) with small volume, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and environmentally...
Tungsten Alloy Yacht Counterweight
Tungsten Alloy Yacht Counterweight, Tungsten Alloy Yacht Counterweight,Tungsten alloy has so many properties such as high density with small capacity, high temperature resistance, high radiation resistance, good corrosion resistance, weakly ferro magnetic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, due to these properties, tungsten alloy is widely used as counterweight...

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