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CHENGHAI PENGCHENG TOY IND. CO.,LTD. can provide you more than 100,000 kinds of toys like RC Toy car,rc helicopter,baby toy,dolls,educational toys,electrical toy etc.We can offer CE,En71,ROHS,ASTM Certificate for you. Welcome to visit our web site:
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RC Toy Car - RC Car- 1:10 High Speed Electric Remote Control Car RCH80972
Remote control toy,radio controlled toy,remote control car,radio controlled car,rc toy,rc toys,r/c toy,r/c car,rc car,remote toy,remote car,rc electric car,model car,model toy,rc model,rc hobby,hobby car,radio control car,radio control toy,RC Toy Car - RC Car- 1:10 High Speed Electric Remote Control Car RCH80972 , rc toy,1:10 High Speed Electric Remote Control Car 1)CE,EN71,ASTM Tested 2)Speed:Up to 40 Km/Hr. 3)SC1800Mah Rechargeable battery Molde No.:RCH80972 Special Feature: 1)1:10 Scale Full Function Radio Controlled 2) 4WD Electrodynamics Telecontol Vehicle. 3) Function: Forward,...
Remote control toy,rc car
Remote control toy,rc car, Remote control toy,rc mini toy,rc mini car,mini rc toy,mini rc car,Shenqiwei car,mini remote control car,radio controlled mini car,radio controlled car,rc cars,rc toys,r/c car,r/c toy,mini r c car,mini r c toy,china toy car,toy china factory,china toy factory,china toy,toy supplier,china toy supplier,toy china supplier,toy car,mini toy car,mini car toy,plastic toy car,plastic toy,gift,promotional toy,toy for promotional,5 Channel R/C Mini Car, 6 Assorted Item No.: RCH81320 Product Size:10.80x4.50x3cm Quantity/Carton:8 Pcs/Ctn Carton Size:69x37x58cm Cbm/Ctn: 0.148 Cbm/Ctn Qty./20 foot container:1,520 Pcs Qty./40 foot container:3,680 Pcs G.W./Ctn: 17.40 Kgs N.W./Ctn: 14.30Kgs Frequency:...
rc helicopter toy
rc helicopter toy, rc helicopter,indoor helicopter,indoor rc helicopter,r/c helicopter,r c helicopter,helicopter rc,remote control helicopter,radio control helicopter,radio controlled helicopter,toy helicopter,helicopter,helicopter toy,rc hobby,hobby helicopter,mini rc helicopter,helicopter toys,rc mini helicopter,electric rc helicopter,helicopter gyro,helicopter gyroscope,buy rc helicopter,remote controlled helicopter,rc helicopter parts,micro helicopter,electric helicopter,dragonfly helicopter,indoor rc helicopter,beginner rc helicopter,toy helicopters,r/c helicopter,mini remote control helicopter,rc electric helicopter,hobby helicopter,mini helicopters,micro rc helicopter,fly rc helicopter,4ch rc helicopter,small rc helicopter,best rc helicopter,rc helicopter china,rc helicopter for sale,beginner rc helicopters,cheap rc helicopter,3 channel rc helicopter,3.5 channel rc helicopter,3.5ch helicopter,3ch helicopter,3ch rc helicopter,4ch rc helicopter,rc helicopter factory,helicopter china toy factory,rc helicopter toy 3-Channel Metal Mini RC Helicopter Toy - 6020 GYRO Version !!! Product Size: 20x4.40x9.80cm Newest Toy - 3-Channel Metal Mini RC Helicopter Toy-6020 GYRO Version !! Newest Mini Radio control/Remote Control helicopter! Upgraded METAL Airframe and Bettery Capacity!...
4 channels RC ride on car with lights and music ZTL83542
ride on car,ride-on,ride on toy,rc ride on car,radio controlled ride on car,ride on toys,ride toy,ride car,baby car,kids car,toy cars,toys car,toy car,children toy car,children car,child car,kids car,kid car,rc toy car,rc ride on jeep,4 channels RC ride on car with lights and music Item No.: ZTL83542 CE,EN71,ROHS,ASTM Certificate Product Specification/Models 4 channels RC ride on car with lights and music Item No.: ZTL83542 Product size: 95x49.5x46.5cm Packing: cardboard box Quantity/Carton :1 Pcs/Ctn...
Baby toy car, The toy car size:150x68x68cm
Baby toy car,toy car,rido on car,ride on toy,ride-on,ride toy,ride car,battery car,battery ride on car,radio control ride on car,remote control ride on car,baby toy,baby toy car,toy car for children,children toy,children car,child car,kids car,kid car,children tricycle,tricycle,toy car,rc ride on car,r/c ride on car,rc ride on toy,radio controlled toy car,remote controlled toy car,toy car ce,rc toy ce,electrical toy car,electric toy car,children toy cars,toys car,toys cars,toy cars,ride on jeep,ride on f1,ride f1,toy f1,toy car f1,children toy f1,Baby toy car, The car size:150x68x68cm Reasonable Price & Good Quality Big size! Car 150cm! Yellow,White,Red available EN71,ROHS,CE Approved Item No.: ZTL49561 Features: ELECTRIC RIDE ON BATTERY POWERED F1 GRAND PRIX RACING CAR - WHITE Working FM Radio - 2 Forward...

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