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TigSure Welding Wire Factory is one of the earliest professional welding wire manufacturers of China, with the capability of supplying welding wire with the diameter ranging from 0.6 mm to 2.0 mm. Mild steel, aluminum, nickel and different metal alloy can be processed with our equipment for welding wires used in tig welding, arc welding, spot welding, submerged arc welding and various welding requirements.
From processing differences, welding wire can fall into three categories: rolled wire, casting wire and flux cored wire. From materials differences, we can supply stainless steel welding wire, aluminum welding wire, nickel and nickel alloy welding wire and mild steel welding wire in the most quantity.

At the same time, we supply electric welders for export with good quality from our reliable electric welder partners. With modern technology of wire drawing, copper coating and surface treatment, Tigsure offers welding wire for various welding requirements in bridge engineering, engineering machinery, vessel making and containers industry.
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TigSure Welding Wire Factory Is One Of The Earliest Professional Welding Wire Manufacturers Of China , With The Capability Of Supplying Welding Wire With The Diameter Ranging From 0.6 Mm To 2.0 Mm. Mild Steel , Aluminum , Nickel And Different Metal Alloy Can Be Processed With Our Equipment For Welding Wires Used In Tig Welding , Arc Welding , Spot Welding , Submerged Arc Welding And Various Welding Requirements. From Processing Differences , Welding Wire Can Fall Into Three Categories: Rolled Wire , Casting Wire And Flux Cored Wire. From Materials Differences , We Can Supply Stainless Steel Welding Wire , Aluminum Welding Wire , Nickel And Nickel Alloy Welding Wire And Mild Steel Welding Wire In The Most Quantity. At The Same Time , We Supply Electric Welders For Export With Good Quality From Our Reliable Electric Welder Partners. With Modern Technology Of Wire Drawing , Copper Coating And Surface Treatment , Tigsure Offers Welding Wire For Various Welding Requirements In Bridge Engineering , Engineering Machinery , Vessel Making And Containers Industry.

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11-202 Xinghua Yuan, Dezhou, Shandong

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Welding Wire
Welding Wire, Welding Wire,Welding wire is used as metal filling stuff or at the same time as metal wire welding materials for electric conduction. In gas welding and tungsten pole gas shielded arc welding, the welding wire is used as filling metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding, and other melting pole gas...
Gas-shielded welding wire
Gas-shielded welding wire, Gas-shielded welding wire,Gas-shielded welding wire is mainly used for carbon steel and low alloy steel welding. According to welding conditions, the user can choose CO2, Ar + O2, Ar + CO2 as a shielding gas. When the CO2 works as shielding gas, the Mn and Si in the deposited metal significantly decreases compared with...
Stainless Steel Welding Wire
Stainless Steel Welding Wire, Stainless Steel Welding Wire,Stainless steel welding wire as the filling metals for welding, with added elements, works in certain degree to protect the welding seams and promote the melting of the wire and the basic metals. This type of welding wire keeps the metal property of its stainless steel itse lf. The welding...
aluminum welding wire
aluminum welding wire, aluminum welding wire,We supply aluminum welding wire for different welding applications in various metal materials. Grades: ER1100, ER2319, ER4043, ER4047, ER4145, ER5356, ER5183, ER5554, ER5556 Sizes: Common sizes for aluminum welding wire: f9.5mm - 0.8mm, Core wire in coil size:...
mig welding wire
mig welding wire, mig welding wire,Mig welding wire can be aluminum welding wire, stainless steel welding wire or other alloy wire specially for mig welding processes. Solid wire MIG welding: Metal inert gas (MIG) welding was first patented in the USA in 1949 for welding aluminium. The arc and weld pool formed using a bare...

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