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Established in 1992,SINO Mould is one of the leading plastic mould manufacturers in China. Nowadays SINO has a great achievement in management, quality and annual income. It works on the basis of precision tooling, high technology and top philosophy of mould design. SINO has developed many main markets, such as Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Germany, Portugal, Iran, USA and so on.

We can manufacture all kinds of injection moulds for plastic products.If you want to know more information about our company,pls visit our
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We Are Exporter And Manufacturer Of Plastic Injection Mould For Plastic Products , For Example:Crate Mould , Pallet Mould , Bin Mould , Basket Mould , Daily Products Mould , Home Appliance Mould And So On.

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369#xinjiang road,xinqian street,huangyan,taizhou,zhejiang

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injection chair moldings
injection chair moldings, chair mould,plastic chair mould,chair moulding,When we choose a mould company for making a high standard chair mould,we need ask the following points,it is very important,for example:1,mould running time, 2,mould run shots guatantee, 3,the parting line finishing is good or not,if there is any sharp edges? 4,the wall thickness is even...
chair moulds
chair moulds , plastic chair molding ,chair mould,plastic chair moulds,when we make chair mould,how can you tell your mould running cycle time? If the cooling water temperature is from 8 to 12 centigrage degree,if the chair weight from 1700g to 2400g,the cycle time should be 35s to 50s.If the machine plastic melt and injection is with accumulators.Please check...
chair mouldings
chair mouldings, plastic chair molds,plastic chair moldings,chair moldings,How you guarantee your mould run shots? Many people will say that they will have one millions guaranteed. But God now how can they guarantee. The guarantee for a mould run 1 million shorts without any flashes? Because if you accept to cut the flash by your workers heavy labor, I think you can...
chair mould
chair mould , chair mould ,plastic chair mould,chair molding,How you make the parting line finishing is good, if there will is any sharp edges? Sharp edge on the chair is dangerous, in order to avoid the sharp edge, we have to do many points during the mould manufacturing. - chair mould parting design is correct or not. - the cavity and core thickness...
crate mould
crate mould, plastic crate mould,plastic injection crate mould,plastic crate molding,SINO MOULD is the leading crate mould manufacturer in the world, we has developed more than 2000 sets various crate moulds such like, bottle crate mould, fish crate mould, fruit crate mould, bread crate mould......Especially we have done the 2 and 4 cavities crate mould and 4 cavities stacking...

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