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Shandong kaitai Industrial Technologies Co. Ltd

Shandong kaitai Industrial Technologies Co. Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of abrasive in China which integrates with technical research,development and production..The company occupies 400,000 square meters and is located in Zouping Fenghuang Economic Zone which is China"s largest abrasive base. It"s only 52km to Jinan , the capital of Shandong province.The main products are cleaning machine,sand-peening equipment,environment-production dust-removal equipment and cast steel,cast steel grit,steel cut wire shot,stainless stainless steel shot, stainless steel cut wire shot,aluminium shot,zinc shot,copper shot.The company could produce 150,000 tons metal abrasive per year. Having a fixed asset of 450 million Yuan (RMB) and with a yearly turnover of 1000 million Yuan (RMB), .The products has met SAE&ISO nternational standards and he company has passed nternational standard ISO9001.The products have xported to move than 20 countries and regions and have got good comments from domestic and abroad users of foundry plant,forging plant,heat treatment shop ,steel structure plant, container manufacture,shipyard,and auto locomotive manufacturer and stone industries.
Products :
Cleaning Machine , Sand-Peening Equipment , Environment-Production Dust-Removal Equipment And Cast Steel , Cast Steel Grit , Steel Cut Wire Shot , Stainless Stainless Steel Shot , Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot , Aluminium Shot , Zinc Shot , Copper Shot

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86- 0543-45798617
Zouping Fenghuang Economic Zone,Shandong, China

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Cast Steel Shot
Cast Steel Shot, Cast Steel Shot,Types: S780/SS2.5 S660/SS2.0 S550/SS1.7 S460/SS1.4 S390/SS1.2 S330/SS1.0 S280/SS0.8 S230/SS0.6 S170/SS0.5 S110/SS0.3 Chemical Composition: C 0.70~1.20% Mn 0.35~1.20% Si≥0.40% S≤0.05% P≤0.05% Hardness: Normal∶40~50HRC Special: 52~56HRC...
Cast Steel Grit
Cast Steel Grit, Cast Steel Grit,Types: G10/SG2.5 G12/SG2.0 G14/SG1.7 G16/SG1.4 G18/SG1.2 G25/SG1.0 G40/SG0.7 G50/SG0.4 G80/SG0.3 G120/SG0.2 Chemical Composition: C 0.70~1.20% Mn 0.35~1.20% Si≥0.40% S≤0.05% P≤0.05% Hardness: GP∶42~52HRC GL∶53~60HRC GH∶60~64HRC...
Steel Cut Wire Shot
Steel Cut Wire Shot , Steel Cut Wire Shot ,Types∶1.0mm 1.5mm Chemical Composition: C 0.45~0.85% Mn0.30~1.30% Si 0.15~0.35% S≤0.05% P≤0.04% Hardness: 1.0mm: 51~53HRC 1.5mm: 41~45HRC Durability: 3000~3500 times Microstructure: Deformed Pearlite Density: 7.8g/cm3 The Major Technological Index:...
Q69 series steel profiles shot blasting machine
Q69 series steel profiles shot blasting machine , ,This series of steel plate, profile shot blasting pretreatment mainly by preheating, shot blasting treatment, spray drying processes formed. Applicable to ships, automobiles, locomotives and rolling stock, bridges, machinery and other industries of steel, profiles and structural parts of the...
Q37 series overhead rail spinner hanger shot blasting machine
Q37 series overhead rail spinner hanger shot blasting machine, ,This series of hook-type shot blasting machine is mainly used for casting, structural parts, non-ferrous metal parts and other parts of the surface cleaning, this series of blast cleaning machine sub-type double hook single hook, lifting, non-hoisting ceremony and many other models . It has no...

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