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Dongguan CUT CNC Equipment Co., LTD

CUTCNC is a R&D manufacturer of CNC equipment in China. We provide cost-effective CAD / CAM machinery equipment with high performance to enterprises in fields like packaging, advertising, clothes,shoes, electronics,etc.

With 13-year manufacturing experience,we offer cutting machine,advertising engraving machine,packing sample machine,pattern cutting machine,sample maker,PVC cutting machine,slim light box engraving machine. Our worldwide products and service with strength of international advanced technology and low cost are widely approved by countries and regions as Europe,United States,Japan,South Korea,Russia,Middle East,Africa,India,Southeast Asia, etc.

We have been committed to reduce manual work and production cost for enterprises so as to improve their efficiency and competitiveness.
Products :
Cutting Machine , Paper Carton Cutting Machine , Sample Making Machine , Die Making Machine , Cutting Cutter Plotter , Sample Cutting Table , Computer Cnc Plotter , Garment Pattern Cutting Machine , Shoe Pattern Cutting Machine , Advertising LGP Light Box Glasswork Acrylic Pmma V Cutter Groove Engraving Machine

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3F, SiteA, Huabo Science and Technology Park, Nancheng Area, Dongguan

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LED light guide panel acrylic pmma V cut engraving machine
light box engraving machine,light guide plate,plotter,LED light guide panel acrylic pmma V cut engraving machine is widely used in advertising POP light box display. Many cutting sizes are available. Outstanding features of LED light guide panel acrylic pmma V cut engraving machine: 1. Cutting drawing groove engraving variety of materials like...
Rigid pvc foam cutting machine
foam cutting machine, advertising cutting machine, KT board,cnc cutting machine,foam core cutter,Rigid pvc foam cutting machine apply in advertising industry to cut POP materials, such as rigid pvc foam board, KT board,cardboard, etc. Many cutting sizes are available. Configuration Oscillating blade, pen, creasing wheel, drag knife Max speed 1350mm/s Smallest cutting diameter 6mm...
Garment pattern sample cutting machine
paper pattern, apparel pattern, clothing pattern,Garment pattern sample cutting machine can cut paper pattern for sample design and production of garment.Especially for orders with more specifications and less quantity, our garment pattern sample cutting machine your efficient helper to reduce cost and finish production.Many cutting sizes are...
Computerized paper frame cutting machine
frame mounting,mat board cutter,picture frame,photo frame,bevel,chamfer,pattern cutting machine,Computerized paper frame cutting machine suits for galleries, cross stitch shops and photo frame factories. It can process 3mm thickness paperboard, and cut various frame inside mounts,cross-stitch paperboard carved patterns with 45°,55°and v-shape slot cutting, 3D calligraphy cutting....
Underwear paper pattern cutting machine
paper pattern,pattern cutting,pattern design,Underwear paper pattern cutting machine can cut paper pattern for sample design and production of underwear.Many cutting sizes are available. Way of fixing material Vacuum absorbing Driving material Import synchronous belt OR steel belt Cut materials Card paper, coated paper, book paper,...

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