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Ouken Rubber Co.,ltd.

Ouken Rubber was founded in the year 1999,specialized in custom molded rubber products including oil seal,valve stem seal,standard and non-standard o ring,PTFE seals with wide range of material including Silicone rubber, Natural rubber, Fluoroelastomers(Viton,FKM,FPM), Nitrile(NBR), EPDM, Neoprene(CR), ACM,and Fluorosilicone..please visit our site for more details.Thank you very much.
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molded rubber parts
molded rubber parts, rubber seals,rubber gasket,rubber bellow,rubber grommet,rubber pipe,rubber flashing,o rings,oil seals,we manufacture all kinds of molded rubber parts with various of material,FKM,NBR,SILICONE,EPDM,ACM,ECT. They are rubber seals,rubber gasket,rubber bellow,rubber grommet,rubber pipe,rubber flashing
o ring kits
o ring kits, o ring,o ring kets,ring seals,seal rings,We produc different types standard o rings,non-standard o rings,adn o ring kit,with many color of o ring box,for standard,you don't need to develop new mould,we sell them for many years.most important out price is very attractive
PTFE seals
PTFE seals, ptfe seals,ptfe gasket,ptfe washer,teflon seals,teflon gasket,teflon washer,we manufacture ptfe seals,ptfe gasket,ptfe washer,teflon seals with high quality and competitive price,the material can be virgin or filled PTFE
oil seals
oil seals, oil seals,lip seals,rotary shaft seals,we professionall produce oil seals for car and industrial equipment,high quality and low price oil seals,lip seals,rotary shaft seals

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