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Dongguan Tangxia Sunjune Toys Factory is an ICTI certified manufacturer specialized in the production of TPR/TPU toys, such as water snake, bouncing ball, squeeze ball, pin art, etc. with EN71, CPSIA, ASTM reports. We also have the power to work on your original concept, and turn out the exact toys. Moreover, we pay special attention to the details, so as to guarantee the quality and safety of all the products, and ensure the players enjoy the fun to the best.
If you are interested in us, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll assure you our best service and qualified products.
A choice to us, a great reward to you!
Products :
Plastic Toys , TPU Plastic Toys , TPR Plastic Toys , Hi Bouncing Balls , Water Snake , Stress Ball , Magic Worm , Tricky Pin Art Etc. With High Quality And Lower Price , Special Attention To Tiny Details , EN71 , CPSIA , ASTM Available

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No 8. Kaituo Road, Shitanpu Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town

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Hi Bouncing Ball
Hi Bouncing Ball, Hi bouncing ball, promotional gifts, decorative gifts,Features: 1. High bouncing ball with different additives, ensuring a visual surprise as well as great fun in playing 2. Different outlooks, with or without water all up to you 3. High quality with lower price, suitable as promotion gifts 4. Direct manufactory and direct sale, more guarantees...
Tricky Stress Ball
Tricky Stress Ball, Stress Ball, decorative toys, promotional gifts, Holiday gifts,Interesting enough to kill boredom, and make you smile by molding up the ball to whatever shape you desire. Moreover, you can relax your hands by squeezing. 1. Material: TPR 2. Product Size: 50mm/60mm/70mm 3. Packing: 12pcs/inner, 144pcs/ctn. 4. Custom logo, colors are acceptable 5....
Magic Pin art, creating your own wonderland
Magic Pin art, creating your own wonderland, Magic stick art, decorative crafts, promotional gifts, imaginative toys,Feature: changeable at your heart’s desire. You can mould it to whatever you want. It’s suitable to develop the children’s imaginative and operational capability, good way to exercise patience, Specification: 1. Material: ABS+HIPS+SAN+PP 2. Product Size: 3.75”*5”/5”*7” 3....
Slippery Water Snake
Slippery Water Snake, Tricky Water Snake, mistery seaworld, decorative toys, novelty toys,Features: 1. Novelty toys, as slippery as snake that you can hardly catch it, a great fun; 2. Various figurines, pearl powder, ribbons inside assure a surprise visual shock 3. Water used inside under special process is good and safe for at least two years, a great breakthrough in the field....
Magic plush worm, show time~
Magic plush worm, show time~, Magic plush worm, decorative toys, promotional gifts, novelty toys, popular toys,Features: 1. Novelty concept: the worm can’t move without your magic spell. Its flexibility and movement all up to you, great fun and surprise. 2. A good way to exercise your body movement, good for health 3. High quality with lower price, suitable for promotion How to play: A.Unwind the...

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