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Zhengzhou Gashili Machinery CO.LTD, built in 1998, It is a research, design, manufacturing as a whole, the long-term commitment to all kinds of agriculture machines and food machines and equipment and so on. Our company now has more than 150 employees and gathered a wide range of junior and senior engineers.
Honest and trustworthy is our service motto. We have established good and stable cooperation with domestic and foreign customers including manufacturers, importers, trading companies and wholesalers from more than 50 countries and areas。
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Peanut Machine , Chalk Machine , Honey Processing Machine , Food Machine , Corn Machine , Waste Tyre Recycling Machine

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Animal feedstuff crushing and mixing machine
Animal feedstuff crushing and mixing machine, animal feeding machine , piglet fodder machine, chicken stuff machine ,cow fodder machine , crushing and mixing machine for feed stuff , crushing and mixing machine,The animail feedstuff crushing and mixing machine is used to first crushing the grains then mixing the powders for animal feed. The excellence of the animail feedstuff crushing and mixing machine: NO.1 Mixed high-speed smash NO.2 no dust and low noise NO.3 Failure rate is low, the motor...
Tyre ring cutter
Tyre ring cutter, waste tyre ring cutter , tyre ring cutting machine , ring cutter , tyre circle cutting machine , waste tyre recycling machine,This machine is mainly to cut the inner diamater of the tyre, and cut the side of the tyre to the next step of segmentation. Model Motor power Working range Working quatity Size of figure weight of equipment GLQQ-1 2.2kw 750-1200tyre 25-30strips/h 1150*850*1200 0.5ton Contact: Mary Ma...
Tyre strips cutting machine
Tyre strips cutting machine, tyre inner ring cutter , waste tyre strips cutter , used tyre strip cutting machine , tyre strip cutting machine , waste tyre cutting machine,Strips cutting machine can cut cycle machine to remove the wire tire sidewall cut into strips, and the width of the adjustable section. Two circular knives for special materials, hard and durable, can be used repeatedly grinding for no more than 1200 steel tires. Model Motor power Working range...
Tyre block cutting machine0086-13939083462
Tyre block cutting machine0086-13939083462, tire block cutting machine , tyre block cutter , machine for cutting tire into blocks , tyre cut machiner , tyre cutter , cutting tyres into blocks,Cutting machine can cut a tire strip, cut block, tool for the alloy cutting tools, nearly 9-11 tons per day, cutting tools are not sharp and repeated grinding Model Motor power Capacity Size of discharge Size of equipment Weight of equipment GLQK-1 7.5kw 0.8-1.5t/h 35*35*35 780*550*1210 0.6ton...
Tyre crushing machine0086-13939083462
Tyre crushing machine0086-13939083462, waste tyre crusher , waste tyre shredder , rubber powder production line , rubber powder making machine , tyre crusher,Waste Rubber equipment consist of the decomposition of waste tire facilities, mill group, screening magnetic powder delivery unit.Through the tyre bead ring cutting off machine, tyre strips cutting machine and the tyre rim cutting machine , first tyre processed into 3.5 cm square pieces; then...

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