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Peanut harvester0086-13939083413
Peanut harvester0086-13939083413, Peanut harvester, groundnut harvester, Peanut combine harvester, harvester for peanut, drum-type peanut harvester, peanut harvesting machine,Peanut harvester is mainly used for harvesting peanut, garlic, sweet potato, potato and other crops under the ground with the merits of high efficiency, lower breakage, running fast without trembling, no blocking by the grasses, the structure is simple and the operation life is long, etc model...
Peanut picking machine0086-13939083413
Peanut picking machine0086-13939083413, Peanut picking machine,peanut picker,groundnut picker , fresh peanut picker, peanuts picking fruit machine, automatic peanut picking machine, stable working peanut picking machine, electric peanut picking machine,peanut picking machine is used to getting the peanut from the leaf or the peanut vines.this machine can pick peanut from ground with low breakage and high efficient. Model GL-Z300 GL-Z550 Capacity(kg/h) 300 550 Picking ratio ≤99% ≤99% Crushing ratio ≤4% ≤4% Clean ratio ≥98%...
Peanut shelling machine 0086-13939083413
Peanut shelling machine 0086-13939083413, Peanut shelling machine, shelling machine for peanut, peanut sheller , Peanut Shucker ,groundnut shelling group, peanut shelling,peanut shelling machine is easy to operate with stable capacity,execellent performance,low rate of peanut crushing,clean sorting,good color,low impurities and so on. Model GL-B400 GL-B800 GL-B1500 GL-B3000 Capacity(kg/h) 400 800 1500 3000 Shelling ratio ≥95% ≥98% ≥98% ≥98% Crushing...
peanut cleaning and shelling machine0086-13939083413
peanut cleaning and shelling machine0086-13939083413, peanut cleaning and shelling machine,peanut shelling and screening machine, groundnut sheller with cleaning and sorting machine, peanut cleaner and sheller,Peanut cleaning and shelling machine mainly contains 3 parts, the Destoner for peanut, Conveyer and the Peanut Sheller. conveyer part is effective and economical . Model GL-QB2500 GL-QB3500 GL-QB4500 Capacity(kg/h) 3000 3500 4500 Shelling Rate ≥98% ≥98% ≥98% Breaking Rate ≤5% ≤4%...
Peanut roaster 0086-13939083413
Peanut roaster 0086-13939083413, 5. Peanut roaster, Peanut roaster,roasting machine for cashew , peanut roasting oven , peanut roasting machine , peanut baker,This machine adopt infrared radiation . The roasted materials rolls continuously and nuts can be evenly heated in order to achieve a premium quality. Model Dimension (mm) Weight(kg) Motor (kw) Capacity (kg/h) GLKX-200 L*W*H 680 21-24 Peanut seeds Peanut with shell 2850*1210*1600mm...

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