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Schanskorven Gabion Baskets Co.,Ltd.

Schanskorven Gabion Baskets Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing solutions for domestic and international water projects, road and rail, marine engineering, rock fall protection engineering, landslides and mud-rock flow management protection. The company mainly produces: gabion baskets, gabion box, gabion mesh, gabion cage, hexagonal wire nettng, gabion mat, gabion mattresses, zinc coated gabions and plastic coated gabions.
We have constantly studied the contemporary embankment slope protection technology and have concentrated on technology innovation. We offer gabion baskets and river mattresses with galvanized or together with a PVC coating to prevent corrosion of the steel wire. Hexagonal woven mesh netting is the chief wire materials for gabion mattresses for large areas and for rock-fall mesh netting.
Geotextiles are normally used with gabion baskets to prevent/limit movement of soil particles through or underneath the gabion structure.
Schanskorven is equipped with innovative technology to provide the high quality gabion products and services.
Products :
Schanskorven Gabion Baskets Co. , Ltd. Is Dedicated To Providing Solutions For Domestic And International Water Projects , Road And Rail , Marine Engineering , Rock Fall Protection Engineering , Landslides And Mud-Rock Flow Management Protection. The Company Mainly Produces: Gabion Baskets , Gabion Box , Gabion Mesh , Gabion Cage , Hexagonal Wire Nettng , Gabion Mat , Gabion Mattresses , Zinc Coated Gabions And Plastic Coated Gabions. We Have Constantly Studied The Contemporary Embankment Slope Protection Technology And Have Concentrated On Technology Innovation. We Offer Gabion Baskets And River Mattresses With Galvanized Or Together With A PVC Coating To Prevent Corrosion Of The Steel Wire. Hexagonal Woven Mesh Netting Is The Chief Wire Materials For Gabion Mattresses For Large Areas And For Rock-Fall Mesh Netting. Geotextiles Are Normally Used With Gabion Baskets To Prevent/Limit Movement Of Soil Particles Through Or Underneath The Gabion Structure. Schanskorven Is Equipped With Innovative Technology To Provide The High Quality Gabion Products And Services. Http://Www.Gabions.Net.Cn

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No.19 Renmin Road, Dezhou, Shandong Province, P. R. China

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Gabion Baskets
Gabion Baskets, Gabion Baskets,Gabion Baskets (Boxes) are made of hexagonal Galvanized / PVC / Zinc coated double-twisted mild steel wire mesh. Gabion baskets shall be supplied in various lengths, widths and heights. In order to strengthen the baskets, all the edges of the structure shall be selvedged with wire of greater...
River Gabion Mattresses
River Gabion Mattresses, River Gabion Mattresses,Gabion mattress can be made of hexagonal double- twisted mild steel wire mesh. Mattresses can be supplied in various length, widths and height. The tolerances of mattress' dimensions are ±3% in length, ±3% in width and ±2.5cm n height. In order to strengthen the mattresses, all the edges...
Gabion Sacks
Gabion Sacks, Gabion Sacks,Wire mesh for making of gabion sacks is hexagonal opening with the aperture of 80x100mm, the wire diameter of 2.7mm and selvedge wire of 3.4mm diameter. Sack gabions are cylindrical baskets made of 8x10 double twisted steel woven wire mesh. How to use: Sack gabions filled with stones are...
Rockfall Nets
Rockfall Nets, Rockfall Nets,Rock-fall protection netting Rock fall netting is a steel woven hexagonal opening wire netting which is used to prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads, railways and other structures. The mesh is made of heavily zinc coated or PVC + Heavily Zinc coated double twisted steel woven...
Welded Wire Mesh Gabions
Welded Wire Mesh Gabions, Welded Wire Mesh Gabions,Welded wire gabions are made of welded wire fabrics. This kind of wire mesh containers are uniformly welded and can be supplied of various sizes. Welded gabions can be connected with other similar containers and filled with stone to form flexible and permeable structures for retaining of...

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