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Dongguan Liyi Test Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Liyi Test Equipment Co., Ltd is a high technology supported production-oriented enterprise who specializes in developing, manufacturing,marketing all kinds of environmental equipment.Our company has advanced technology, experienced technical management personnel and efficient professional service staffs, fine quality management and perfect after-sales service system.
To strengthen the quality awareness,perfect management system,improve product credit,meet customers increasing requirements, our company brought into ISO9001:2008 international quality management system and obtained the certificate: N0006997-1.
Our company mainly produces simulated environmental test, mechanical test, leather material test equipment. Such as constant temperature and humidity chamber,UV tester, aging testing instrument, QUV, thermal shock chamber, walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber,high and low temperature tester,rapid temperature change testing machine,universal material tester,leather testing machine, Martindale friction tester,Taber abrasion tester, hydrostatic testing machine,ect. Our products are widely used in IT,telecommunication, electron,wire, cable,plastic, ironware,leather indersties and so on.
Our company will continue to develop, innovate and keep faith. We combine with the international testing syandards and the specific demands of customers that may establish a new banner in Chinese testing industry.
Products :
Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber , QUV , UV Test Machine , Salt Spray Tester , Tensile Tester , Precision Oven , Leather Test , Adhesive Test Equipment , Test Equipment , Enviromental Chamber , Industrial Oven , Industrial Instrument , Temperature Instrument , Test Machine , Machine , UV Test , Tensile Test Machine

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No.4, Lianzifang Business Road, Gonglian Community, Wanjiang District,Dongguan,China

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Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber
Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber, temperature,humidity,test equipment,enviromental chamber,industrial instrument,This equipment can simulate different environment condition. It's appropriate for testing material performance, such as resist heat, resist dry,resist humidity and resist cold. That can define performance of material. Characteristics: 1.Use the high precision microcomputer touch temperature and...
QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester
QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester, QUV,UV test,enviromental chamber,test equipment,industrial instrument,The QUV can provide reliable aging test data to make the exact prediction of products’ weathering fastness(ageing resistance)., which is conducive to sift and optimize the formula. It is used in many industries, such as: paint, inks, resin, plastics, printing and packaging, adhesives, auto and...
Vacuum Drying Oven
Vacuum Drying Oven, industrial oven,vacuum oven,drying oven,industrial instrument,test equipment, Vacuum drying oven is used for drying and heating test in vacuum condition of objects in scientific research units, specialty universities, industrial and mining enterprises’s laboratories together with production field, etc. Drying goods in vacuum condition has a lot of advantages...
Salt Spray Test Machine
Salt Spray Test Machine, salt spray,test equipment,industrial instrument, Salt spray test machine can determine the corrosion resistance of iron metal or the iron metal inorganic film or organic film test, such as: electroplating, anode processing, conversion coating, painting, ect. Salt spray test is an accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack to...
UV Testing Machine
UV Testing Machine, UV test,test equipment,industrial machine, UV testing machine is made in accordance with ASTM D1148,it can provide the simulative heat of the sun and ultraviolet radiation environment of space.It is used for observing the anti-yellowing degree of the sample after a period of time effected by the ultraviolet ray and the temperature. Grey...

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