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Shenzhen Sunhope Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Sunhope established in 1996, is a hi-tech enterprise in bio-medicine technology field in China, integrating hi-tech R & D、medical healing、healthcare、post-partum repair、anti-aging、Yizhijiannao instrument、SPA equipment production、Five Elements SPA club operating、”preventive treatment” health project chain. Sunhope is unceasing exploring the innovation model of TCM and hi-tech results changing, dedicated to improving the social public sub-health conditions, and improving the high quality life of the human, It became the pioneer of innovation Five Elements of “preventive treatment” franchising and the best service enterprise in the global SPA healing field. Three are three corporations including Shenzhen Sunhope Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd.、Shenzhen Sunhope factory、Five Elements SPA club. We have four famous brands of “Sunhope”、“SME”、Sunhope Five Elements SPA”、”UK-SME” etc.
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Spa Capsule , Spa Machine , Spa Equipment , Massage Belt , Neck Massager Pillow , Massage Products ,

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86 133 67336879
6/F,Haishong Bldg,Jingu No.2,Tairan 9 Road,Chegongmiao,Futian District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province.

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selling "Top-class multifunctional spa capsule"
Top-class multifunctional spa capsule, spa capsule,1.Product description: Model: SH-A002 Type: Multi-angle Voltage: 220V / 110V Power: 2700W- Water pressure: 200kpa-600kpa Product size: 215(L)*80(W)*115(H)cm Package size: 223(L)*88(W)*123(H)cm Total net weight: 200kg Total gross weight: 300kg 2.Product functions: Far Infrared dry...
selling "French Surfing Vichy bath" spa capsule
selling "French Surfing Vichy bath" spa capsule, Vichy shower,1.Product description: Model:SH-A300 Type: multifunctional and angle adjustment Voltage: 220V / 110V Power:2700W Water pressure: 200-600kpa Product size:252*95*190cm Total net weight:220kg Total gross weight:360kg 2.Product functions: Rain forest water massage Acupressure massage...
selling "Water therapy fumigating universe cabin"
selling "Water therapy fumigating universe cabin", spa capsule,1.Product description: Model:SH-A202 Type: multifunctional therapy Voltage: 220V / 110V Power:3500W Water pressure: 200-600kpa Product size:205(L)*85(W)*105(H)cm Total net weight.:180kg Total gross weight:280kg 2.Product functions: Sauna steam bath Perfume bath Vichy water massage...
selling "all in one spa capsule"
selling "all in one spa capsule", spa capsule,1.Product description: Model:SH-A602 Type: multifunctional therapy & half lying type Voltage: 220V / 110V Power:2300W Water pressure: 200-600kpa Product size:190(L)*75(W)*102(H)cm Total net weight.:130kg Total gross weight:230kg 2.Product functions: Far Infrared dry steam Perfume...
selling "body slimming spa capsule"
selling "body slimming spa capsule", spa capsule,1.Product description: Model:SH-A16 Type: multifunctional therapy & lying type Voltage: 220V / 110V Power:2100W Water pressure: 200-600kpa Product size:215(L)*90(W)*108(H)cm Total net weight.:135kg Total gross weight:235kg 2.Product functions: Sauna steam bath Perfume bath...

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