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Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd

Our company is a professional manufacturer of High Pressure Rubber Hose ,hydraulic hose,spiral hose, Rubber Hose Assembly and other related rubber products. Our registration found is 36,000,000RMB.And we own fixed assect of 26000M2 Workshop, 170sets Of Main Processing Machineries, and more than 35 sets of Inspection and Test Machineries. with 280 advanced workers, and 58 above intermediate experienced technicians among them, our output per year is more than 132,000,000 meters for various kinds of rubber hose, 43,00,000 of connectors,200,0000 Assembly hoses.
We have fully-automatic production line which is the leading domestic and international level.Our products mainly including steel wire braided hose,steel wire spiral hose,extra-high pressure hose,pneumatic tube,sand blasting hose,oxygen tube,oil drilling hose,plastic steel thread protector,hydraulic engineering machine parts,auto hydraulic parts,Our hoses can bearing high pressure,have small bending radius,good fatigue resistance, and have a long using life.widly used in metallurgy,oil drilling,construction machinery and mining.
We are the Technological Enterprise. With the capability of Exploring, Developing, Designing and Testing, we could meet all kind of requests from clients. With the Technological Normative Enterprise Management and the Perfect Quality Control System, we could effentively guarantee the stability of our quality, and the credibility of our quality; Also could keep a exact delivery time.
We are also the extroversion enterprise.we have long term cooperation with China Petrochemical Corp,China National Petroleum Corp.China Ministry of Railways,China mining group co., ltd,China metallurgy.After meeting the large demands of our domestic market, meanwhile, we have exported our goods to America, Canada,Russia, Iran, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries and areas. Furthermore, we have cooperatec OEM with several famous companies.
Tenet of our company:To be famous brand in the same line.
We promise:
(1)We will go out of our way to find a solution for our customers
(2)If we make a mistake we will fix it fast and responsibly.
(3)We will let you know if there are any supply problems
(4)We will call you regularly to ensure clear communication
(5)We will endeavour to always price competitively
Products :
Our Company Is A Professional Manufacturer Of High Pressure Rubber Hose , Hydraulic Hose , Spiral Hose , Rubber Hose Assembly And Other Related Rubber Products. Our Registration Found Is 36 , 000 , 000RMB.And We Own Fixed Assect Of 26000M2 Workshop , 170sets Of Main Processing Machineries , And More Than 35 Sets Of Inspection And Test Machineries. With 280 Advanced Workers , And 58 Above Intermediate Experienced Technicians Among Them , Our Output Per Year Is More Than 132 , 000 , 000 Meters For Various Kinds Of Rubber Hose , 43 , 00 , 000 Of Connectors , 200 , 0000 Assembly Hoses. We Have Fully-Automatic Production Line Which Is The Leading Domestic And International Level.Our Products Mainly Including Steel Wire Braided Hose , Steel Wire Spiral Hose , Extra-High Pressure Hose , Pneumatic Tube , Sand Blasting Hose , Oxygen Tube , Oil Drilling Hose , Plastic Steel Thread Protector , Hydraulic Engineering Machine Parts , Auto Hydraulic Parts , Our Hoses Can Bearing High Pressure , Have Small Bending Radius , Good Fatigue Resistance , And Have A Long Using Life.Widly Used In Metallurgy , Oil Drilling , Construction Machinery And Mining. We Are The Technological Enterprise. With The Capability Of Exploring , Developing , Designing And Testing , We Could Meet All Kind Of Requests From Clients. With The Technological Normative Enterprise Management And The Perfect Quality Control System , We Could Effentively Guarantee The Stability Of Our Quality , And The Credibility Of Our Quality; Also Could Keep A Exact Delivery Time. We Are Also The Extroversion Enterprise.We Have Long Term Cooperation With China Petrochemical Corp , China National Petroleum Corp.China Ministry Of Railways , China Mining Group Co. , Ltd , China Metallurgy.After Meeting The Large Demands Of Our Domestic Market , Meanwhile , We Have Exported Our Goods To America , Canada , Russia , Iran , Kuwait , Brazil , Argentina , And Other Countries And Areas. Furthermore , We Have Cooperatec OEM With Several Famous Companies. Tenet Of Our Company:To Be Famous Brand In The Same Line. We Promise: (1)We Will Go Out Of Our Way To Find A Solution For Our Customers (2)If We Make A Mistake We Will Fix It Fast And Responsibly. (3)We Will Let You Know If There Are Any Supply Problems (4)We Will Call You Regularly To Ensure Clear Communication (5)We Will Endeavour To Always Price Competitively Http://Www.Rubberhoses.Org

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North Industrial Base, Taocheng District,Hengshui,Hebei,China

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Hydraulic Rubber Hose
Hydraulic Rubber Hose, Hydraulic Rubber Hose,Our hydraulic hoses are available with single and double wire braided. These hoses are used for various purposes like suction and pressure lines in hydraulic system, streamlines, tier and moulding presses, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, fertilizers and refineries. It can be used in the...
Wire Braided Rubber Hoses
Wire Braided Rubber Hoses, Wire Braided Rubber Hoses,Wire braided rubber hose is made of synthetic rubber and strengthened with wire braided fabrics. It usually consists of four or more layers including inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, one or two or three steel wire braided layers and out rubber layers. With wire braided, this kind of...
Pneumatic Rubber Hose
Pneumatic Rubber Hose, Pneumatic Rubber Hose,The reliability of hydraulic and pneumatic systems depends partly upon the hoses and assemblies built in. Chengrui supplies good quality air and pneumatic hoses of various sizes for customers. Uses: Pneumatic hoses are mainly used in air flow systems. Benefits of Using: Good flow, not easy to...
Spiral Hydraulic Hose
Spiral Hydraulic Hose, Spiral Hydraulic Hose,Chengrui offers light and flexible spiral hose made of synthetic rubber, used for suction of dust in vacuum cleaners. It is very flexible and easy to handle spiral hose, inside surface perfectly smooth, long lasting. Standard colors available for spiral hoses: White, grey, blue, black, silver...
High Pressure Rubber Hose
High Pressure Rubber Hose, High Pressure Rubber Hose,Hose cover does not have to be removed to attach non-skive fitting. Our High Pressure Hydraulic Hose offers high pressure service with petroleum based hydraulic fluids, hot oil, grease, lubricants, crude and fuel oils, air and water. This hose is constructed with a synthetic rubber tube,...

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