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Ji'an City Qingfeng Filter Equipment Material Co.,Ltd.

Ji'an City Qingyuan District Qingfeng Filter Equipment Material Co.,Ltd is located at the foot of Jingganshan(Scenic Spot) which is honoured as the cradle of chinese revolution and the foundation of People's Republic of China, which created "Maozedong" who is the generation of Great man and founding leader of China.Province, it is Jiangxi QingJiang Precision Filter Equipment Material Co.,Ltd formerly,itˊs specialized in micropore membrane and filter element . Qingfeng has the full set of Japanese production filter skill,equipment and quality control which was owned by Jiangxi Qingjiang Precision Filter Equipment Material Co.,Ltd, it also has the first nylon reinforced microfiltration membrane(JN) in China and the key new product of the reinforced CN-CA microfiltration membrane (JM) in national 85 torch plan,the development team has innovated the polyvinylidene fluoride reinforcement millipore filter membrane(JPVDF) in the top class through the Country .

We wish our best service would provide a great wall of quality.

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PVDF Filter Membrane
PVDF Filter Membrane, filter membrane,PVDF Filter Membrane Product Characteristics: 1、Superior corrosion resistance, applies to filtration for the solution of solvent and acid etc. 2、Superior temperature tolerance and anti-pollution 3、Two types, hydrophobic and modified-hydrophobic...
CN-CA Filter Membrane
CN-CA Filter Membrane, membrane filter,Hydrophilic Membrane (M,JM) Product characteristics: 1、Even distribution of pore, and rate of interstice reaches as high as 80% 2、Quick flow speed and high retention rate 3、Less sorbing and no medium shed off 4、Lower working pressure...
Nylon Filter Membrane
Nylon Filter Membrane, filter membrane,disc filter,Nylon membrane (N6/N66) Product Characteristics: 1、With imported non-textile supporting bolster, good resilience, torn-up tolerance and durability 2、Intense filtration and high filtration quality 3、Naturally hydrophilic. No need to use humectant, which...
PVDF Filter Cartridge
PVDF Filter Cartridge, filter cartridge,PVDF Membrane Filter Cartridge Main Features: 1、High flow rate with low pressure drops; 2、High particle removal efficiency; 3、Superior performance of high-temperature and acid&alkali 4、Easy installation, replacement and maintenance; 5、Long...
String Wound Filter Cartridge
String Wound Filter Cartridge, string wound filter cartridge,sediment filter,String Wound Filter Cartridges Main Features: 1、Polypropylene string or cotton string reeled on the polypropylene core; 2、High flow rates; 3、Excellent ability to keep dirt; 4、Low cost ; 5、Easy installation, replacement and maintenance...

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