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Shanghai Greenearth Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Greenearth Chemicals is a leading organic & inorganic chemicals manufacturing company in Shanghai, China that offers carbide chemicals, alloys, nitride chemicals, rare earth chemicals, high purity powders and metals, electronic chemicals, catalyst, noble metal and speciality chemicals for wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, metallurgy, paper making, plastic, welding, rubber etc.

Carbides are combinations of special metals and carbon to form very hard materials greater than that of hardened steel. They are therefore used in applications requiring extreme strength such as machine tool bits, drilling and mining operations. The mechanical properties of carbides are determined in terms of Hardness at varying temperatures, Hardness measured at room temperatures, Compression strength in megapascals, Transverse rapture force in megapascals and Elasticity.

The special combination of physical and structural properties of carbides gives them special industrial uses. These include resistance to abrasion which is very high and they easily outlast hard steel grades, Resistance to deflection: Compared to steel bars of the same grades, carbides have an elasticity modulus of up to three times more which equals to one third deflection compared to the steel bars. These are properties which make these carbide chemicals very effective in extreme temperature and pressure conditions such as in drilling and machine tool bits. Carbide balls are also used as milling agents due to their hardness in Attritor mills.
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Manufacturing Process Of Carbide Chemicals , Crystal Material , Evaporation Materials , Ferroalloys , Electrode Powder Series , Film Substrate , Nitride Chemicals , Rare Earth Chemicals , Scattered Metal , Silicide Chemicals , Special Powder , Alloy Series , Sputtering Targets

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Tantalum Carbide
Tantalum Carbide, ,It has very strong covalent bonds in their structure producing a hard and brittle material. It has very high degree of stability and resistance thus used to enhance performance of very hard metal machining tools. Tantalum carbide exhibits a hardness of 1570 Hv (Vickers hardness) at 200 c and 800...
Chromium Carbide Powder
Chromium Carbide Powder, ,Used in manufacture of bearing seals, valve seats and its ability to resist corrosion makes it suitable in applications where chemical corrosion is likely. It is also used as a heated spray for protecting vulnerable metal surfaces.
Ferrotitanium Carbide
Ferrotitanium Carbide, ,It is effective in solving many wearing out problems and enabling re use of worn out and reconditioned machine tool pieces. It is easily re-machined and hardened through a simple heat treatment.
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Carbide, ,With a chemical formula of Sic, it has been used for a long time as an abrasive substance therefore used in the manufacture of sand papers, grinding wheels and cutting tools in industry. It is also used in heating elements in furnaces and refractory linings.
Tungsten Carbide Powder
Tungsten Carbide Powder, ,Has a number of industrial applications due to its hardness and tough nature. The powder has varying grain size and using a binder material, engineers can develop a variety of very hard components used in manufacture of machine tools components. The tungsten carbide powder can be cemented and...

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