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We at Symcon (Dutch base company) are committed to providing consumables and services to CD Optical and OPTO Electronic manufacturers in the worldwide. Our wide range of products and exclusive focus on the optical media industry, has allowed us to work with the following world class companies to bring exceptional value to optical media manufacturers.
Products :
CD Optical: Glass Master Substrate , Chemicals , UV Lacquers\Bonders , Sputtering Targets , UV Lamps , Suction Cups , Printing UV Ink\Articles , Polycarbonate , Filters , Cleanroom Articles , And General Parts. OPTO Electronic: Photomask Blank Substrate , Wafer Substrate , Chemicals For Electronic Chipsets , Industrial Wiper (Dust-Free) , And UV Curing Lamps For Marking / Bonding / Coating.

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Glass AM 160\180\240 Glass Substrate
Glass AM 160\180\240 Glass Substrate, Glass Substrate,A high quality glass master substrates are vital to profitable high-yield mastering. DVD and upcoming formats demand high quality glass. To fulfill this demand and keep the costs of ownership low we introduce our brand of glass master substrate. Our selection of glass offers a range of high...
Cleanroom Wipers
Cleanroom Wipers, Clean Room Supplies,Purity, softness and high absorbency. Superior freedom from static charge, and from fiber, particle and residue release. Resistance to organic and other solvents. Inherent efficiency and ecology. These qualities have made the wiper choice in cleanrooms and other demanding applications...
UV Lamps for Optical Media
UV Lamps, UV Lamps,Nowadays UV curing of protective coatings, DVD bonders and inks is an important factor in the production process. High quality and reliable lamps ensure fast cycle times and high yields. Our selection of lamps offers a wide range of high quality products in several sizes and a re suitable for...
Sputtering Target
Sputtering Target, Targets,Symcon offers a wide selection of high quality sputtering targets for production of optical media. Our selection contains targets for mastering, CD- and CD-R replication as well as for DVD and DVD-R replication. All materials are optimized for optical media production. To guarantee the...
UV Lacquer & Bonder
UV Lacquer & Bonder, UV Lacquer ,High performance polycarbonates, sputter targets for CD, CD-R and DVD, bonding glues and protective coatings for all your production needs.

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